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Cafe World Tips 26: Gift Holiday Tree Ornament

This is a hack, folks, I'm telling you and warning you right now.  Zynga has doled out some pretty serious consequences to people using hacks in this game when they are found out.  Some people have their accounts completely removed, others face having all that the hack did for them removed from the game, including any leveling up it did.

For those that are hell-bent on using cheats - here it is:

I doubt it will last very long, though, Zynga is usually all over this stuff once they find out about it.  I only include it in my tips because people are going to do this stuff regardless, I just wanted to through out the warning.  If nothing happens, so beit, but if you face penalties for using it, well, all I can say is: you have been warned.

That cheat makes it so you don't have to do the Treasure Isle junk to acquire the ornament or you don't have to pay $8 Cafe Cash to bypass it.

Sunday 12/19/2010 6 Days Til' Christmas

The Playstation 3 stopped working yesterday.  It had the "Yellow Light Of Death" going.  Meaning you try to turn it on, the green light comes one, followed by the yellow light, followed by the red light, where it stays red.  Caleb comes out "just telling you" that it's broken.  Well whooopdie doo.  I don't have $150 to be spending on that machine in sending it to Sony to get it fixed.  That's what they charge, a flat rate of $150. Whatever's wrong wtih it, that's what it's going to cost. $80 of that money is just to get it there and back via Fed Ex.

Screw that.  After that happened last time with the now-stolen PS3, I found people in Craigslist that say they can fix them.  I found one that fixes the YLOD for a flat rate of $45 yesterday.  We took it over there.  About 8 hours later, Caleb went and got the thing and we now have a functioning PS3 again.  My dad sent him a Christmas gift of $75, guess who's getting $45 of that?  Yes, indeed…