Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tuesday 12/21/2010


I have reason to believe on of my tenants is moving out - without actually saying he's moving out. A rather elongated discussion with Lynn (trailer tenant) yesterday revealed that he was moving a LOT of stuff out of his (the tenant that may be moving out) yesterday. 

This individual told me he was going to hang out with a cousin that is visiting from Alabama and then he was going back to Alabama for Christmas and wouldn't be back until the 4th, I think it was, of next month. I won't be waiting that long to post a notice of abandonment on his door, since he owes me rent for this week. 

Some people are that way, just leave, don't give any kind of notice. It's hard to start running room rental ads when you don't know when, exactly the person is going to completely vacate the room. Hence the need to post an abandonment notice. 

Umm, so, I am bracing myself for the eventuality - maybe very soon, of having a room vacated and having to try and find another tenant. Not a great time for something like this to be happening, but, worse has happened.

Well, work day got here before I knew it.



Monday 12/20/2010

4-day work week, since Christmas falls on a Saturday, Friday is off. So, it's Tuesday already!

My mother wrote me an email yesterday asking if I was coming to Christmas. This apparently isn't going to stop. I told her that I had an exchange with my brother, he's still playing his games, I'm not going to be there. I can stop by the day before or the day after if she'd like. 

My brother doesn't want to deal with his statements that I am evil, "just like dad" - to him that is a bad thing, and other malicious statements that lead me to believe that my presence at a Christmas "celebration" at his house would only turn into a disaster, as I will not just stand there and take his verbal assaults. I would just leave. This, in turn, would ruin Christmas for mother if no-one else, might as well just let the negativity fall in place beforehand. I don't really care one way or the other if I am there or not. In fact, I wish they would just let it go at this point - unless my brother wants to deal with the verbal altercation that occured.

He does not. Apparently, his idea of dealing with something like that is to get out the shovel, dig a hole and bury it, acting as if nothing ever happened. 

Whatever. It's only 3 minutes before work starting time, I was reading a lot of news before getting to this - NK apparently has backed down, Obama is going to face a tough campaign due to redistricting, a pipeline blew up in Mexico because of thieves attempting to steal whatever is going through that pipe, on and on. Even a story about Santa Clause was pretty negative stuff. Bookings are down. Santa charging $200 per hour? That's quite a lot of money, if you ask me, but you didn't.

So, that's it, the work day is here.......


I was wondering what happened to the ultra large keto group I am in. This site is no longer in service or has been disabled due to a terms...