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Wednesday 12/22/2010


The Car.
I went over to Caleb's mother's house yesterday, go Caleb, went to the shop. My old car sitting there, acting as if nothing had happened. Or so I figured that car would say if it was ascencionate and could talk.

The mechanic pointed me to a separate building. Okay. This building 150 feet from the shop. Kinda strange layout. I go inside that building and was very surprised at what I saw in there. They might be calling it the shop office, I was calling it a museum. The entire waiting room was lined with objects from the past. An old gas pump - like 50 years old at least - that had been completely rebuilt. Old Coca-Cola pictures - the real thing, not cheap fakes - lined the walls. Old fire hydrants and an OLD oven that looked like it just came off the factory floor.

The stuff in there was in such incredibly good condition, I forgot what I was in there for a few seconds as I started inspecting everything. But, the mechanic came in. Turns out he is also the owner. He…