Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wednesday 12/22/2010


The Car.
I went over to Caleb's mother's house yesterday, go Caleb, went to the shop. My old car sitting there, acting as if nothing had happened. Or so I figured that car would say if it was ascencionate and could talk. 

The mechanic pointed me to a separate building. Okay. This building 150 feet from the shop. Kinda strange layout. I go inside that building and was very surprised at what I saw in there. They might be calling it the shop office, I was calling it a museum. The entire waiting room was lined with objects from the past. An old gas pump - like 50 years old at least - that had been completely rebuilt. Old Coca-Cola pictures - the real thing, not cheap fakes - lined the walls. Old fire hydrants and an OLD oven that looked like it just came off the factory floor. 

The stuff in there was in such incredibly good condition, I forgot what I was in there for a few seconds as I started inspecting everything. But, the mechanic came in. Turns out he is also the owner. He had driven the car several times, had it idling for hours (my over half tank of fuel was now done to a quarter tank, so I pretty much believed that). 

He had ideas - 3 ignition components that he recommended to be changed out if this problem persisted. Of course, he threw in there that one of them was "expensive, though" at $200. 

No idea. Just drive the car and see what happens. I drove it home, drove it to work this morning, nothing. 

Changing the subject, one of my company's credit personnel called me yesterday out of the blue. I don't normally get calls from those people. She was asking me what I am doing on Christmas morning. Nothing spectacular, I replied. Well, why don't you come over and join us for Christmas breakfast? Took me about a half a second to think about it and accept the invitation. This family are really cool people. I have no idea why she invited me, but she also brought a large pot pie for me to work last week, of which I consumed all of it.

No, she isn't single, either, she's happily married and I met her husband at the Christmas party, turns out he is also a truck driver. He hauls a fuel tanker taking gasoline to fuel stations around the Phoenix area. I've heard those drivers make good money. 

Speaking of single, I have been getting a LOT of hits lately on Plenty of Fish. Started talking to a few of them and one of them claims she wants to meet me. That's nice, please tell me something about yourself first! I mean, seriously. Okay, I do have the profile thing that asks you all kinds of questions and comes up with a personality analysis that everyone can see, I wonder about the accuracy of those things, though. Kinda cool to see some ladies taking interest if nothing else. One of them is a cowgirl, claims she is 42 years old and is on the go all the time. She's a pretty thing, looks more like late 20's than early 40's. 

Anyway, I am busying myself with responding to some of them and seeing if any of it might go anywhere. 

Meanwhile, 90% chance of rain today. Usually, that means it IS going to rain. Oh, and now, South Korea has turned on the rhetoric machine towards North Korea and supposedly is going to engage in the largest live-fire drill ever. Stay tuned folks, I'm sure they'll figure out how to get themselves into a real war pretty soon......too bad they are so hell-bent on such and our troops are over there. Then again, something definitely needs to be done about the nuke situation.

But, it's Christmas time. You couldn't tell that by reading the news. You also couldn't tell that by reading numerous online boards that I do with people getting into heated arguments over whether we should be calling it the holiday season or Christmas, Holiday tree or Christmas tree.

Hmmm, well, I have a Christmas tree in my living room to celebrate the Christmas holiday. 

My time's up for today.

Merry Christmas!!!

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