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Thursday 12/23/2010


On the cusp of a 3-day weekend.
Usually, we get off early on the day before the holiday day. Basically, crews go home early at construction sites or go out partying, there is no point to staying open.

There are, amazingly, a couple of deliveries in the system, though - but - it rained all night long and I don't wonder if they will all call it a day before the day has even started. I will be finding that out a bit later, still too early to start calling contractors.

I'm going to a Christmas breakfast at a co-workers house tomorrow. I'm wondering if I should take a gift with me and if so, what, exactly, should I take? Indeed.

I guess the news of the day is that the tenant I suspected was moving out? Pushed that up much closer than what I expected. He came into the kitchen yesterday, handed me a money order for this week, told me he is moving out. I asked when. "Now". I bluntly asked him if he had EVER heard of a giving a notice in advance? He went into a litany…