Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thursday 12/23/2010


On the cusp of a 3-day weekend.
Usually, we get off early on the day before the holiday day. Basically, crews go home early at construction sites or go out partying, there is no point to staying open.

There are, amazingly, a couple of deliveries in the system, though - but - it rained all night long and I don't wonder if they will all call it a day before the day has even started. I will be finding that out a bit later, still too early to start calling contractors. 

I'm going to a Christmas breakfast at a co-workers house tomorrow. I'm wondering if I should take a gift with me and if so, what, exactly, should I take? Indeed. 

I guess the news of the day is that the tenant I suspected was moving out? Pushed that up much closer than what I expected. He came into the kitchen yesterday, handed me a money order for this week, told me he is moving out. I asked when. "Now". I bluntly asked him if he had EVER heard of a giving a notice in advance? He went into a litany of reasons why he must move, that he had to help out his mother in Alabama with money and this, that and the other thing. 

I then asked him if he was moving in with his girlfriend. Yup. Okay, thought so. Girlfriend has money, principal of a high school in Scottsdale. Nothing I could do, bye. 

I haven't gone in there to look at the aftermath, though I JUST got done painting that room before he moved in what, a few months ago? He hasn't been in my house all that long to begin with. Whatever. I'm bracing myself in case more of this kind of lovely news is coming from any of the other 2 tenants - it has happened that way before where 2 or even 3 are moving out relatively close to the same time.

I started putting up a Craigslist room rental ad while discussing this situation with him. He looked at what I was doing - you are putting up an ad right NOW? Yes, of course I am. What, am I going to sit here and wait until you are completely out? I would have started running an ad if I had had an advance notice of your departure.

The only good thing is that it is near the end of the month and it is the time of the month when people are looking to move. 

So, with that, I am offa here to go place yet another ad - 2 per day - until the room is rented.



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