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Christmas Eve Shopping

Unbelievable and highly entertaining.
I made several stops today, all over the place.
First was Bashas.  Since I was giving away my Holiday roast and my Standing Rib Roast that I bought last month is in the freezer, well, had to get another one.

It was 10:00am or so and that place was PACKED.   I mean, I know tomorrow a lot of places are going to be closed, but I had no expectation to find that kind of crowd in a grocery store that early.  I go to the back to the meat department  - Standing Rib Roasts out. Ring the buzzer - guy says there are none but they will have some in about an hour as they sent someone to get them.  He then informs me they are going to be small.

No thanks.  I got a ham, though, cause they were on stupid sale and couldn't pass it up.  The line was LONG.  There were no self-serve aisles in that store, so I stood there listening to 2 men babbling away in front of me while a container of carpet fresh stuff was spilling out onto the floor - the guy had it in hi…

Friday 12/24/2010 Christmas Eve Day

I am going to be out and about today.
I like people watching during the holidays.
Not for "strange" purposes, the entertainment more often than not
is in watching families that are going crazy trying to get everything
done, arguing, pushing, fighting, lol.  Really, it's sometimes just fun
to sit and watch.
I also decided to help a family out this Christmas with a dinner.
I haven't given out food in quite a while, just hasn't really been in
the financial cards to do so, I am sort of making up for that today.
A family is coming to get a roast and some fixings to go along with it
later on today.
That will be the extent of that kind of thing for a while.  There are a
lot of people asking for food help right now, I just can't do too much.
Anyway, just wanted to post a Merry Christmas to everyone.