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Visit To Mom's

Caleb and I went to mom's today to exchange Christmas gifts and have a bit of lunch.
Always a good visit, but she said that Christmas yesterday without us around (she went to my brother's for Christmas) was quiet.  Too quiet, apparently.  Did I sour the mood by not showing up?  I can't imagine the sparks that might have flown if I HAD shown up and middle brother started junk with me.  I would rather stay home alone with my doggies than do that.

As it stands, my Christmas was excellent and I have no regrets not going over there. I only see my oldest brother once a year - at Christmas, so this year, I didn't see my oldest brother.  The situation with my middle brother?  Maybe we'll work things out by next Christmas.  I do take offense at my brothers shrugging off our dad and I make no bones about it, which is what started this contention in the first place.

I find it inexcusable that year after year, both of them completely ignore my dad's attempts to even start…

Sunday 12/26/2010

Perfect day yesterday.
The Standing Rib Roast turned out beautifully.
Melt in your mouth steak goodness.
Had to cook it a bit more after pulling it out of the oven, though, for people that don't like rare meat.
Oh well.  I wouldn't dare ruin a piece of meat that delicious and that expensive by over cooking it, but what anyone else wants to do is their business.

I had a lady over today looking at the room for rent.  Nice gal, said she was going to look at several other places and would call me back tomorrow if she wanted it.  Meanwhile, I have several phone calls and emails out to those that contacted me yesterday about the room.  Hopefully I get a taker out one of them.

Going to mom's house in a bit less than an hour.  We have gifts to exchange and I know she wants hers, lol.

Not much else going on.  Tenants are gone.  One of them is going to receive a 5-day notice tomorrow - she is 2 weeks behind on her rent, has hardly been here and doesn't say anything about money…