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New Tenant

A 2-way street.
I have people coming over here, looking at the room.  They say that they are going to look at other homes before making any decisions.
Great, see all the homes you want, I reply, but I am on a first-come, first-serve basis.  If you decide you want the room but someone else gets it first after you leave, that's the way it goes.

It takes them by surprise.  It shouldn't.  That person is trying to put me on hold.  Just wait while that person is going to make up their mind, meanwhile, I have 10 other people that are interested in the room.  And, while that person is gone, they think they find a better place and baam, you've held the room for nothing.  Not only have you held it for nothing, you lost all those prospective people plus, probably, it gets past the first of the month and your prospects start thinning out substantially.

So, I tell them up-front, such as the individual that came over here today: I don't hold rooms.  I mean, spent a good 40 minutes …

Monday 12/27/2010


So, what do you think?
Should the babies that are born here - referred to as anchor babies, on U.S. soil from parents who are illegal aliens be automatically given citizenship?

It's an incentive for them to slip over here, illegally, get their kids born here, now they have a "grip" on their own citizenship. I have no idea what the pro and con arguments are going to be in this debate concerning that of which they are taking up in Congress, should be some interesting reading.

I think Mexico - the main supplier of illegal aliens - should take care of their own people and stop expecting them to come over here so that they can funnel money back over there. In fact, it would be good if Mexico could deal with the extreme violence going on on it's own soil. I can only imagine that many potential U.S. tourist shy away from Mexico at this point in time because of the violence and murder. You couldn't pay me to drive across the border right now.

Whatever. It's the wee…