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I Deserved A Ticket

I'm cruising down I-10 through Chandler (Arizona) area.  They started a construction project in a spot a couple of weeks ago.  The lanes are not narrowed, they are working in the middle of the freeway and put up those heavy concrete dividers.
The - 4 or 5 times I've been through there - since they started it, I have NOT seen a reduced speed speed limit sign.  I looked.  I really did. Construction sites are autonomous with reduced speeds.  Well, cars were buzzing by me going much faster as I was coming up to that today and STILL did not see any signs, so I zoomed along with them.
I saw the DOT Arizona Highway Patrol pickup sitting there, thought nothing of it.  I slowed down a little bit, but just kept cruising.  Apparently the car drivers didn't see whatever signs were posted, either.  They were going at least 10mph FASTER than me past they ADOT pickup, but I had this feeling.  Sure enough, I see this pickup in my rear view mirror come speeding up behind me, put on his li…


2 more work days - including today - to go before another 3 day weekend.

I left the non-paying tenant a Notice Of Abandonment AND a Quit or Pay notice yesterday. She came "home" overnight, left me a note and left. I'm guessing she probably did a bunch of laundry as well, which really sucks because my power reader is almost out of money. Not that I'm out of money, I got home yesterday and found the thing beeping and $8 left on it.

Which is plenty, unless you have a tenant that thinks electricity is free and use as much of it as possible.

Anyway, she left me 2 week's rent in the envelope and called it even, saying how confused she is about where I come up with another week's rent owing on top of it. I'm not confused: this week, last week and $75 for the week before. Now, if she is saying she is paid up UNTIL this week, fine, that's true. But, rent is due on the first day of the week, not the first day of next week, thank you.

Regardless, I was happ…