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Thursday 12/30/2010

So, the cold winter storm is here and going to get worse. Yesterday, I was at fry's food stores, they had all of their Christmas stuff at 75% off. I bought 8 strands of C-7 lights at $2.00 per box. No, not for next Christmas, either, although they can certainly be used for that purpose when the time comes around.

No, they put off heat. Not much heat, but, enough to help fend off the hard freeze that is coming tonight. I will be spending the afternoon out there after work putting up lights and then covering everything I can up with blankets and sheets. A pain, yes, necessary, absolutely.

I have serious doubts of much work today. There are orders in there but I'm guessing the rain yesterday and overnight will but a stop to any crews doing much of anything but staying home.

Anyway, I talked to the non-paying to paying tenant yesterday. I had to remind her that she did NOT pay me anything last week, that when she showed up, she talked about everything BUT the rent and that it had com…