Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday 2/17/2011


I left work yesterday thinking today would be a lighter load on the plate of things needed to get done.
Au contraire. 
Well whatever. I'm just tired. Work this week has been unbelievable in terms of the amount of work having to be put out by 2 people. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but I am saying that a little more help over here wouldn't hurt anything during the rush times. 

So, I'm reading the news this morning and seeing Iran wanting to pass through the Suez canal with 2 warships.........and that those plans had been cancelled, presumably because Israel has "threatened action". Indeed. Iran's antics are laughable. What, are they going to start "patrolling" international waters on a global basis? ROFL!!

Back to AZ. Sheriff Joe Arpaio is not the only outspoken sheriff in AZ. Paul Babeau has basically started a very contentious riff with - the federal government, really - in contradicting Napolitano's claims that the border is "more secure than it has ever been". 

"You have done the very thing they accuse me of doing. I do not represent you, or the citizens of your community, yet I do represent the nearly 400,000 citizens of my county and the viewpoint of the solid majority of Arizonans, who laugh at Secretary Napolitano's suggestion that our border is more secure than ever."

I love it. Just love it. This is the wild, wild west, folks and the attitudes are just a part of it. People carrying concealed weapons all over the place are another part of it. Frankly, after reading Babeau's efforts to slow down the stream of drugs/marijuana coming through "his" county not to mention illegal aliens, I applaud his efforts and I am glad there is a down-to-earth point man telling it like it is, whether it contradicts the big wigs in Washington or not. The funny part is, Washington cannot shut him up, not only that, but his statements are pretty much being re-broadcast nationwide.

Come to Arizona and visit the sheriff's of lore, lol. 

Ummm, benb coming back down to earth. You see, when I see all this stuff in the news in the morning, it wakes me right up. How about the governors of 3 states rejecting federal money to build high speed rail? They do have reason behind their decision: they feel that once it's built, the ridership projections given by the feds is going to be MUCH lower and that it will end up costing the states in subsidies - forever, basically.

I like it because Obama and his so-called budget to spend trillions of dollars is being snubbed back into his face. 

Oh, I'm glad I just remembered: more notices. Yes, some of my tenants are behaving badly and they need written correction, apparently, to put a stop to it. Just for one example, I came out this morning into the kitchen area to find 4 lights on. 4 of them. No-one out there, mind you, but 4 lights on.

Umm, this one is over, a customer just walked in (before opening time).




Anonymous said...

Did you see the GOP go into "hiding" when the vote for the health care bill was coming up on the floor?
I didn't know that state police could be sent off after them to "bring them back and force them to vote". That's pretty, except they don't know where these senators are, though one report has them in a hotel in Illinois somewhere. I doubt Wisconsin state police have any jusidiction whatsoever in the state of Illinois.

This is Obama commenting on the situation after basically blasting the governor: "I think everybody's got to make some adjustments, but I think it's also important to recognize that public employees make enormous contributions to our states and our citizens," he continued.

He continued - to go jump in a lake. So, because public employees make "enormous contributions to our states and our citizens", they therefore deserve huge pensions that they hardly have to pay ANYTHING into, health care plans that are also on the cheap and salaries that are WELL above the private sector?

This is the kind of thinking that has gotten this nation to the economic point of chaos that it is in. WHAT "enormous" contributions, specifically, are being made? I'll give the police and fire credit for that, the rest of it is bunk. In other words, what THEY do is more important than what any of us working in the private sector does. If that's not what should be read into that statement, then please enlighten me: illucidate the underlying message in those words, because that's the only thing I get out of it.

So what teachers have a huge job, so does everyone else. It is not sustainable. These are the operative words. The private sector has ALREADY gotten the shaft in this economic climate, why should public employees be able to slide? They sit there, smug, raising hell at the Wisconsin capitol, demanding their rights - for what? Inflated wages, almost-free pensions and for paying WELL under what I have to pay to ensure that I have health care coverage.

I must have missed something here. Let me look it over. No, I haven't missed anything. My city's government is doing the SAME damned thing, but, there is one councilman who is speaking out about it. The average employee in the city of Phoenix, with benefits and salary/wages, earns $100,000 per YEAR. The figures included everyone from maintenance workers to garbage truck operators to city clerks to - everything. Our city's council, besides that one person, doesn't want to lose all of that, they want to continue to raise taxes.

Anonymous said...

Lopsided is an understatement when comparing a janitor's wages working for a corporation and a janitor working for the government's wages. Or any other job. It's preposterous, ridiculous and a slap in the face of Americans to think that they can just ride these storms out receiving no cut in hours, no decrease in pay, nothing. In their little world, there IS no recession.

I'm done with that for now. It's Friday morning and I don't really want to ruin my day with thoughts about the government jobs sector and the ridiculous amounts of money people are making. Or the unions that demand collective bargaining rights. On and on.

However, those senators should all lose their jobs. Hiding. This is a juvenile activity that occurs on playgrounds while playing a game called Hide and Seek: it should NOT be the actions of grown, adult men and women who don't agree with a bill going through their state's senate, so instead of voting on it, they are going to go hide. I do hope the media blasts THEM as harshly as it would if it were Republican senators doing the SAME thing.

NO, that isn't going to happen on the same scale, is it? I'm sure they all feel it is somehow justified. Yet, they were elected to represent the people. The people in that state apparently have spoken. The governor has most definitely spoken: either take this deal or I am going to have to cut 6,000 jobs. But, union employees have this sense of entitlement. They somehow deserve more and more and more and if they can't get it, then who cares, let people lose their jobs.

Changing gears, there is, again, a lot of work today in the truck routing system. If it can all be done in one day, it will certainly be a LONG day in getting it done. Not that I mind that, that will get me some extra hours on my next paycheck, a thing I haven't seen in many, many months. In fact, if I don't get off early today, I'll have almost 6 hours worth of extra PLUS whatever hours I might go over today.

Our store's numbers quantify the hours as well. We're WELL beyond our store's budget for this month and it's only the 18th. Including today, there are 7 more business days in this month. I AM hoping, really, that I can get these hours and then some. The work today in our system pretty much details that that IS going to happen.

I worked out yesterday, btw. I lasted 15 minutes on that Stairmaster. My legs felt like there were on fire. It reminded me of my days in Junior High school, as I think I already said in another entry, when I was doing cross country running. We would run as hard as we could for as long as we could. After a while, your legs felt like lead weights.

I got off of that thing and hit the weights. 25 minutes of that and I felt good about that particular visit and left. I have a minimum goal of at least 3 days per week. So, if I feel too tired today, I will definitely go tomorrow and that will be day 3. I would have gone more, but I have been working much longer days at work than normal and it's drained me. I am tired, that's for sure.

Anyway, work day is here and I'm......outta here!


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