Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday 2/24/2011

I'm not a fan of blind dates, but that's exactly what's going to happen tomorrow. I like to talk to people in email or on the phone - or texting I guess - see a pic of them before I even think about going on a date. Oh well, it should be interesting if nothing else, lol.

I went into a vendor's place of business yesterday to pick up some materials. The man looked at me, asked me why I'm there. Not in a nice way, either. "Are you here for 80 of those lids?". No, not 80 of them, 25 of them, I reply.

LEAVE. GET OUT OF HERE. This was this man's words to me! I have never seen this man before in my life, I did not start trouble with him, I had only been in there less than a minute before his declaration was made. He then went into a litany of how "we" are always sending P.o.'s over to them and then showing up 10 minutes later to pick them up.

Business must be good for that company, is all I can say it, to be telling people to take a hike because we are "showing up too early". 25 plastic lids. I figure it might take 5 minutes max to box them up and have them ready, MIGHT take that long. I called the salesman on the account who took it up with our operations manager who apparently called them to ask what the problem is.

I never really heard what the outcome of it was, I was informed by the Ops manager that they told him it wouldn't be ready for at least 30 minutes and instructed me to leave. Notta problem, I had ALREADY left, no way was I going to stick around there listening to this guy's abuse. This dude actually followed me out the door with his narcissm and vitriol, barking at me as I was getting in to the truck and taking off. I tuned it out and considered the source.

Anonymous said...

I also am making it a quest to find another distributor of that material. I am told that they are the only one in town. Maybe that's true, but I will be calling the manufacturer to find out if that's fact or fiction, cause that company? Can go jump in a lake. I got back to the main branch and another driver told me he had been exposed to the same thing: told to leave. Lol. The manager downtown had less than kind words: "They're all A$$holes over there".

Okay, well, at least it wasn't just me. That was good to know.

I left a note for the tenants yesterday on the kitchen counter. I'm just not going to put up with some of the stuff going on. Either stop the behavior or go find a house full of slobs to live with, cause' my house ain't workin' out for you. My biggest gripe is the same as it always is: people not wanting to help with cleaning the bathroom. Yesterday's message was far more blunt than anything I have ever left before. Help clean the bathroom, pay $10 to opt out or go find a person's home to live in that doesn't care if you want to live like a pig.

I'm simply not going to have people like that living in my house, period. I make it well known that I expect tenants to clean the bathroom periodically, yesterday's note defined that: once per month and that room would be taken care of if each person did it. If one or all three take offense at it and want to leave, goodbye. Don't let the gate hit your @$$ on the way out.

Issues with tenants, always issues. Some things I can tolerate, some things there is a clear-cut line drawn. Now, I am seeing that the kid tenant is going to be having "financial difficulties". He got a new job, but allegedly isn't going to get paid for almost 3 weeks. It isn't just rent that comes into play with a person in that kind of situation, it usually also is disappearing food and drinks as well.

I get really tired of all of this from time to time.


I am still working out, to change the subject, I have made it 2 days this week, I intend on going to day for a 3rd day and hopefully a weekend day for a 4th. My minimum I have set for myself so far is 3 days per week. I am not going to say that I necessarily like going to gyms with a bunch of egomaniacs with big arms and chests, strutting around acting like they are God's gift to mankind in general, I pretty much ignore them but still. Just leave me alone, don't bother me while I'm working out and it'll all be good. I don't consider the place a social club, I just go in there, work out to the max and get out of there. Yesterday's workout was 40 minutes, 20 of it on that Stairclimbing machine. I hit the free-weights for the other 20 minutes, decided that was enough and left.

I am not going to stress over long workouts or if I go in there, do 30 minutes on the stair machine and decide that's enough for one day. I'm reintroducing myself to the world of gyms, workouts and the discipline of going a minimum number of days per week. I need an MP3 player or something to play my favorite motivation music, that would help immensely. They do crank some workout music in there, though and it's not that stupid stuff that does nothing but annoy and aggravate the olfactory senses more than anything.

Ummm, I guess that's it. I mean, there's more, I just felt like a venting session was in order. This union fight that is now spreading like wildfire all over the country is interesting to say the least.

But, I don't really feel like going into politics, so, with that, I bid you....a....



Anonymous said...


Direct Deposit. It worked - I guess I should say of course it did - but I still have some trepidation about it. Meanwhile, the bank still charged me the $6 monthly service fee. I just sent them a message: please remove that fee or I will discontinue direct deposit (which eliminates the service fee, according to them) and I will close the account, thank you.

It WILL be removed, too, or I WILL close the account.

Whatever. I found one of my Koi had flipped out of the pond yesterday and onto the dirt. Dead, of course. He was the biggest one, 18 inches long, which made it really kind of sucky. My answer to this: build up dirt around the sides of the pond so that it angles down towards it. If another one jumps out, at least he'll have some kind of chance to flop back in.

Hummingbird nest. Mark - guy in the trailer - was wondering why one of the hummingbirds continued to buzz around the front of the trailer. He found it yesterday: a miniature nest. Very intricate looking thing, too, I am going to have to snap a shot of it. This is on one of the Sissoo trees.

What I found amazing about it is this tree is all of 5 or 6 feet tall. The nest is only 5 feet off the ground. I don't quite get why a bird would build a nest that low to the ground. Worse, it's on a dead branch, I hope it holds. There were no eggs in the next and no, we didn't and aren't going to touch it. Just looked in it. I want to see what a hummingbird egg looks like, it must be VERY small, lol.

The end of the week. Good thing. Got off work late yesterday, did not go to the gym and probably won't today, either, I'll save it for Saturday morning or afternoon and get my 3 in for the week.

Wisconsin. I was amazed that the Democrats actually had the gall to call the Republicans cowards after they did a very hasty vote on the anti-union bill. WHO are the cowards here? Isn't it the representatives that fled the state to avoid a vote on the bill the cowards here? Lol. Now, the other side of the coin - in the Senate - THOSE Democratic senators have fled the state. Yes, THEY are the cowards. They aren't going to change anything by leaving the state, only prolong it and possibly cost the state even more money.

It's like a circus atmosphere, this whole situation going on all over the U.S. in states and federal governments with "showdowns" occuring and people going off the deep end. So your union protections are going to disappear, WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD, thank you.

Well, this morning's pre-work rituals have already disappeared. I feel slighted, lol. I was just getting into all the news going on, too. I find it at least somewhat stimulating to read the news online in the morning.

Anyway, it's done, workday is here, plenty to do, later.


Fijufic said...

Ben - lots of info in this post. That nasty lid guy needs a stern talking to and unfortunately it has to come from the sales reps...

Working out is all about consistency and comfort. Some days are better than others. Just showing up is half the battle. Don't be scared to change your routine EVERY time you go. Your body and results will be more noticeable in a hurry. Plus you won't get bored. Boredom can be the workout killer. Sameness in a routine can be an injury maker...

Have a great weekend Ben. Good luck on your blind date...


BenB said...

Hey bobby
I'm good with doing the stairmaster every time, it's an incredible workout. After that, I am mixing it up in the free weights and the resistance machines. I am just trying to get back into it, so my minimum of 3 times a week is good - for now.

If I were one of the sales reps or purchasing agents and heard that this kind of activity is going on with a vendor, I would find a new vendor. I DID find a different vendor, local, warehouse, stocked. I am going to email the purchasing manager and see if there is any possibility. The vendor we have now apparently thinks they are the creme-de-la-creme and that there ARE no other suppliers. The vendor I found online is approved by the city that these particular products are being used in. The price? Who knows, that isn't my department.

In my personal life, I would never do business with that company again if I were treated that way. Such as Compass Bank - they messed with me not once, but twice. Enough. My direct deposi is going to Chase bank and I am almost ready to close the Compass Bank account.

Have a great weekend, too!

I have an absolutely horrible headache. But I'll get to that in  a moment. After discussing today with "people in the know", ...