Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lowe's Free Tree Day/Earth Day

So, I guess today is Earth Day? And Lowe's is giving away 1,000,000 trees. I just called the one down the road from me, in about 30 minutes they are going to be giving theirs out and yes, I intend to be there in 30 minutes. It's a 10 minute drive, no time pressure here to get this done and get over there. I am, of course, totally into trees: the more, the merrier.

Came out to my kitchen this morning to find a sink loaded/filled/stuffed with dirty plates and such. This is a HUGE no-no on ben's "Don't EVER Do List" for tenants. I got pretty sour pretty quick, it's a good thing tenants weren't out here because the first one I saw? I would have let'er loose. Instead, I dealt with the mess and will be handing out notices to everyone. I am already charging 2 tenants extra for not cleaning the bathroom - they don't want to do it, they are going to pay someone to do it for them.

No dogs barking. I went outside last night because of the noise of the neighbor's dogs barking incessantly and yelled out very loudly: SHUT YOUR DOGS UP!!

Nothing happened. SHUT YOUR DOGS UP OR I AM GOING TO CALL THE POLICE (this is THEIR modus operandi, why not do the same with them? Oh, because it's juvenile, that's why)!!! I didn't hear another peep from those dogs all night and not even this morning when I let my dogs out.

The boom box I had put away? Is also back out on it's stepladder, aimed at their windows. I am through with being civil with these people, just fight fire with fire at this point. I have no tolerance or civilities left for them, at all. They are a hoard of trailer trash and they LIVE like trailer trash. When you think of someone living in an old trailer with trash dumped all around the place, this is EXACTLY what they are living in and how they live!!


Well, anyway, I'm only half dressed and I need to get ready to go to the free tree event!




  1. Monday

    Well, what did you do yesterday on Easter? Umm, for me?? Besides talking to my mother for about 45 minutes on the phone, I was also having to deal with the police - umm, was it twice or three times?

    Yup, the trailer trash next door. This time, however, I started the "trouble". The guy has been giving me dirty looks all week long. This coupled with the fact that he called the police on us about vehicles that, it turned out, were legally parked in the street.

    Time to turn the tables. If the guy would just keep to himself and stop messing with me, I wouldn't even go here, but I did yesterday. His face was facing the wrong direction and his car was parked on the sidewalk. I called the police, who rather quickly came out and went to their door to tell them to move these vehicles immediately.

    The "man" came out, said something to the officer while pointing at me, the officer shook his head and forced him to move the vehicles regardless. However, he did not move the vehicle on the sidewalk, only the van. So, the cops had to come back and deal with him again.

    This time, however, the "man" made threatening gesstures to me - I had to smile: I was taking a video of everything. He said something in Spanish that I didn't understand because he said it so quickly, I assume with his gesstures is was some sort of threat.

    I then went to the side of the house where my Koi ponds are, there they were, in all of the trash and junk laying out there, putting up metal sheets on their awning. I thought I might as well go the gusto and shot a 5 minute video of him - not saying a word to him or her - while they were doing it.

    He got mad. Lol. Should have I have done any of this? Probably not. The "man" has crossed my line, however, and I am not exactly going to be pleasant to them - ever again actually. I have tried for years now and it's gotten me nothing but police over at my house.

    So, I went inside my house and maybe 2 hours later? The police are out front of my house, ringing the doorbell. This time, I took the camera with me and yes, I fully intended on videoing the police as in the past, they have been very disrespectful and I figured to get it on film and possibly post it to YouTube.

    This guy started in on me, of course. And, as usual, the people next door lied and exaggerated. No surprise there. There were 3 cops there - no surprise there, either. They must not have had much to do yesterday in dispatching 3 different cars to a call as petty as the this one.

  2. He attempted to tell me that I could not video my next door neighbors, that it "could" be considered harassment.

    That got me going pretty good. HARASSMENT? YOU want to talk about harassment? I went off about the dogs, his threats, and the junk in their back yard that I am exposed to. Especially the dogs. They tell me the same thing every time: Call the police if their dogs are barking at 2:00am. Yes, officer, I have, they said they can't do anything. One cop got a surprised look on his face.

    "They told you we can't do anything?!~!" Yes. On and on. In the end? The cop that was "handling" the call changed his tones towards me dramatically - but that only happens after I go through the entire story. ALWAYS, at the beginning, they think I am the guy starting the trouble.

    They advised me - as others have also - to get an Injunction Against Harassment, and frankly, I may actually do that. That is, when I feel like driving downtown, finding a parking space and spending the time it's going to take to get one, and then, potentially, having to go to court again if they want to contest it. No idea whether they would or not, not that that would scare me.

    So, that was yesterday.

    Now? Water under the bridge. Just another day on my street. I AM getting sick of their crap, though. The cops are always telling me to just keep to myself. I always have to tell them to tell THOSE people to MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS and there would BE no problems. I don't normally start the stuff with them, yesterday I freely admit that I did, but only after a week of this guy giving me the "bad-@$$" looks every time I come home from work.

    They didn't spend much time over there when they went back over, which is quite unusual, they normally are talking with them at least 20-30 minutes. Apparently my story got through to them. I did call those people trailer trash, told the cops they are not normal people and invited them to take a look at the side of their house. I also invited them to look at the damage their dog has done to plants at the front of my property. Yes, when you can start pointing things out, it gives a bit different perspective now, doesn't it?

    I'll take their advice on Animal Control. They claim you have to keep calling them to get anywhere with it. Okay. The next time I hear those dogs barking incessantly at 1:00 am, I will call the police and the next day I will call Animal Control again. My guess? It will get me NOWHERE in dealing with them and their dogs.

    Oh well.

    Work day approaches. There are a few things to do in the truck routing system, thankfully. I hate starting Mondays with nothing to do, it really makes a day draaaaaaaag.




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