Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday 4/30/2011

So, the cockroach infestation has grown worse. A while back, I bombed the entire house - with a LOT of bombs everywhere. The house was fumigated very well. It did the trick - for a bit, but, it did not eradicate them. So anyway, when one of the tenants came to me a few days ago and said: hey, Ben, I said 50 of them in the utility room, I took the spray and zapped as many of them as I could! - that was a sign to to get REALLY serious about this situation.

Not that there were 50 roaches, that was QUITE the exaggeration. But, time to give out a notice to everyone and time to pull out the poison guns and definitely time to do extreme cleaning.

Quite a lot of time has elapsed since I started this entry. I sometimes to that, especially on weekends. The neighbors would not deal with their barking dog today, it sat there at the fence barking at me and my dogs for some time. I turned on heavy metal music, aimed directly at their windows and it's been on for - several hours now. I have been out there several times including taking a nap next to one of my ponds - the sound of water falling is quite soothing - the dog was barking and I just let the music rip. Since they refuse to give me the peace I expect to have in my own back yard, I expect that they will be listening to some pretty dreadful music - all night long, actually.

That's the point too: peace. You don't own property to have someone else's issues messing with you. You have the right to peaceable use of your own property.

Lol. More time passed. More blaming of George Bush, now he's the culprit, apparently, or at least part of it according to some dude that made a film with the following coming off the news blips: The film suggests that if there are problems in American education, they are largely due to standardized tests, overambitious parents, insufficient funding, and George W. Bush.

ROFL. This tickles me to tears. I just love the never-ending finger-pointing at George Bush. HE must be the cause of all of our societal woes. I do hope Mr. Bush takes the same humor in such, because frankly? A load of crap. IMO, of course.

Our society is truly messed up.


  1. Monday

    By now, the entire world knows that Osama bin Laden is dead. Bullet to the brain, is what it sounds like they did. Good riddance. The guy holed up in some fortified compound in Pakistan, certainly raises my eyebrows about Pakistan's real intent.

    They buried his dead carcass at sea, which I think a shame. I think it would have been nice for Americans to be able to go take a piss on his head. Lay his body to rest in a freaking concrete sewage vault and let several toilets worth of piss and crap fill it up.

    I have no sympathy for him or his ilk. I can only imagine what those pathetic losers are going to try to do in "revenge". I hope nothing, but history might say something else.

    So, the news will be filled all day long with this stuff, I wish I could listen to all of it. This is the kind of thing I will sit and listen to on the radio or watch on TV for hours on end.

    Hat's off to the men and women of our military that make such things happen. I'm guessing Navy Seals teams? Aren't those the people that go in and do such things? Sorta just waiting for more info to come out about how this operation was carried out.

    It's been a long time coming. That's what I can say. It's almost a decade since the Twin Towers were brought down and now here we are. I can only imagine what those families of lost loved ones in 9/11 might be feeling now, I am sure the news media will pick up stories, track some of these people down and do interviews.

    The images of people jumping out of windows over 90 stories up have never left my mind. Or watching the jumbo jet plowing into the side of the second tower, not actually seeing the death, but knowing that everyone inside of that plane had just been killed along with however many people were in it's way when it crashed into the tower. The fact that this mouthy, arrogant, cocky son-of-a-bitch just took a bullet to his brain must offer to some of the surviving family members/frieds/those that were there some sort of consolation that this guy has finally met a just ending.

    Work day is here. The world celebrates. I am in the middle of it.


  2. Special Forces have been on this for a long time. They deserve all the credit for a job well done.

  3. Tuesday

    Trouble at work.
    My manager - for whatever reason the source of which I have no clue - has been getting increasingly curt and short with me. Yesterday there were several indications that something is not right - although WHAT - again, I don't know.

    But, the culmination of yesterday's angst towards me was with this drip irrigation stuff I have been selling on Craigslist. He called me 4 times after I got home from work, a man had shown up to buy some of the stuff and clearly, my manager was not happy. I had informed him this guy was coming.

    The problem was this guy didn't know what he needed and it took up a lot of my manager's time. Well, I don't know what to say, that's the nature of selling things, people need information they are definitely going to ask the people that are selling the stuff. The kicker, though, was when he called me and told me that this guy had told him that we had "everything he needed" to expand his existent system and that I had told him we had the tubing as well.

    I had, of course, said no such thing. Not even close. So my manager, getting extremely cranky on the phone with me, told me he sold the tubing I had brought in - tubing that I had bought and paid for - to give to a manager that needed some for a project he was going to do. So, he sold my personally owned tubing to a man that was clearly not telling the truth about what I had told him, and then, on top of that, put the tubing on a ticket and the money that is owed me is going to go to the company's coffers instead.

    Further, he is getting increasingly agitated, he tells me it's not his problem about the tubing and that "you are going to have to explain to ... ...... about why the tubing is going for yourself".

    If I do that, it is going to make HIM look pretty bad. He sold 400 feet of my pipe for the price of 100 feet and then took that money and gave it to the company? Does anyone else see anything wrong with this picture? My manager then declared that we are going to have a meeting tomorrow morning - which will be this morning of course.

  4. Yes, indeed, and let's do. And, let's get beyond irrigation junk and all the rest of it and find out what the source root of the problem is. Let's deal with THAT and get that out of the way, because if, for whatever reason, he doesn't like me, my work or WHATEVER, then perhaps it's time that we go to higher management and perhaps it's time that I ask for a transfer to the main store downtown.

    I'm actually not opposed to the idea, either. It's half the distance to the main branch as it is to the store I am working at now - meaning cutting my fuel costs in half getting to and from work. Now, I really don't want it to go that far, I somehow doubt it will look good on either one of us if this has to be forced into going before upper management, but I will say one thing that's for sure: I will not work under abusive management. I have quit more places than I can remember because of that very issue alone. If a manager cannot contain himself and keep his feelings to himself - in constantly expressing some sort of discontent against an employee - then it's time for that manager to find something else to do with their career, cause managing? Ain't exactly in their realm of things that they are good at.

    I went through months and months of this guy's daily drama with his divorce and him ending up in severe depression to the point that he would be practically slumped over his desk all day long, listless, non-responsive, I was basically doing all of the work around here. He did his paperwork and that was IT. I gave him an open ear to dump on, and I finally suggested he see a doc to get some "happy pills", cause he definitely needed them.

    I do believe I have gone FAR beyond my "normal" job duties in dealing with his personal stuff on a daily basis. In reality, I COULD have brought it before upper management and informed them of the situation going on over here and please do something about it. I didn't do that and I didn't even think to do that. So, receiving this "bad" side on a near daily basis now is starting to get old - and quickly.

    I am hopeful that we can just work this out and move on. Really, I am.

    I don't know, but the work day is here and he will be in in about 40 minutes. What this day holds, where it is going, I don't know, but I find the texture of it unappealing at best.



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