Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday 4/21/2011

Note: I had it stuck in my head this morning that it is Friday, when, in actuality, it is Thursday. Get to do a do-over tomorrow.


Performance review given out yesterday. Mostly good marks but with a black eye punched. Of course, the issue with the DOT giving me out warnings. I get pulled over frequently enough - in fact just a few days ago. But my truck was not inspected, just weighed. The truck was almost empty, they weighed two of the 5 axles and then moved me on.

Oh well. I am sure there are drivers all over the country that are getting this kind of junk and there isn't much you can do about it. There are also other drivers in my company that have received tickets with fines - I received no such thing.

But in this new era of new rules and regulations that have just come out, it almost makes no difference on your record whether it was a violation with a warning or a violation with a ticket and fine. You know, I have no control over god-attitude DOT officers, especially the 20-somethings that have attitude written all over themselves. This has been going on for decades, there is nothing new here.

They pull you over to find violations. They don't care how petty it is or the fact that it has nothing to do with "safety", they will write you up for a loose bolt on a passenger seat that no-one ever sits in. Companies with management that has no knowledge of the trucking industry and how DOT officers approach these situations simply point at the driver and blame you. You have to be perfect, but more: your truck has to be perfect as well.

I also got a mark on "communication". Yes, well, I have to say that I communicate with everyone in the company that I need to communicate with, when I need to communicate with them. I was asking about that and didn't get any specific instances - which is what I need to see whether I am really guilty of that or just because it's an inexperienced manager - who - btw - went through a divorce and would show up to work listless. I was dumped with the workload while he sat in his office with extreme depression. I didn't care about the workload, but he wasn't communicating with me - almost at all.

But, whatever. I can't change the review if I wanted to, I do care, but there is nothing I can do about it.

Regardless, there is a huge volume of work to do today, stuff got dumped into our routing system just before I was leaving to go home yesterday. I doubt it will all get finished - too much work in too little time to accomplish. I always try, of course, but I have enough experience to know what can be done with a 2 man crew and what can't be done.

As for right now? Go read the news.



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