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Tuesday 4/19/2011


This will be a short(er) one. Not much time left before work.
The only item of interest is a conversation I had yesterday with Lynnette, one of the trailer dwellers.

She started telling me this story about the kid tenant - again. I had thought we had gotten past some of this stuff. Apparently and definitely not.

What she told me started to make me mad. She told me she was mopping the kitchen floor and that this kid came out -- and walked on the still wet floor. She asked him not to do that, can he wait 10 minutes until the floor dries? No, he replies, he his hungry.

So, you are so hungry that you can't wait a few minutes until the floor dries? Please? No, he replies again, I am hungry right now and I am not going to wait. The third request fell on deaf ears.

UNBELIEVABLE. WHAT planet did this kid drop in from? Planet EGO, apparently. I am god, I can do whatever I want, do not interfere with my activities.

It goes on. She has told him in the past to NOT start the dishwasher. He used to start the thing half full. Seriously, the machine wouldn't be even half full and there is he, wasting my electricity, hot water and those dishwasher tabs - which are expensive btw - on half a load of dishes. Apparently Lynnette's fuse blew on that one: Do not EVER start this machine again!! I guess she lectured him on the fact that I usually have the thing crammed full - more than she has ever seen anyone get into a machine and still have the dishes come out clean.

Well, as a matter of fact, that is true : )

This isn't the end. I was informed that he goes out my side door where the fish are to - allegedly - piss if he wakes up and the bathroom is being used. ?@!!!!!@#$@#$%Q$*@$)@$

Lynnette said basically he's being doing that since he moved in. I had no clue. I have never seen him going out there - not to do anything. Well, that door has a double deadbolt on it - meaning it is keyed on BOTH sides and yes, the door is now deadbolted shut.

Then there was the coup de grace. Imagine listening to all of this in one conversation. He got up yesterday morning and was having a cow about the bathroom being full. One moment of humor, yes, I was laughing. That's because fully 3 people in a row used the bathroom including taking showers - keeping him out and apparently complaining loudly to Lynnette.

I told Lynnette I would deal with him on the floor cleaning issue, what a freak. No, she exclaims loudly, do NOT do that!! She didn't want to be seen as a tattle tale. Well who cares? What's the kid going to do? I very reluctantly agreed to not say anything, but the issue of the dishwasher DID come up.

You see, it wasn't just that he started the machine, he started it with a casserole dish in there, a small one, but it was over the top of the telescoping thing that raises up when the machine starts and sprays water on the dishes on the upper rack. Without that, those dishes do not get clean. Further, he did not rearrange the silverware so that it wasn't all crammed into one compartment. Half of that didn't get clean and he also didn't arrange the dishes so that water could get through all of it.

I addressed him on that and flatly told him to never operate that machine again, did not say please or thank you, just don't touch it.

I have my own plan about forcing this kitchen floor issue. I will just clean the floor when he is home and hope that he comes out while the floor is wet. I have already had one show down with him about this quite some time ago. I had thought THAT situation had been taken care of.

That's it. My time is up anyway. There is actually more to the story with this kid, but, no biggies.



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