Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wednesday 4/20/2011


Ummm, I always hate when I forget to update this blog and get the entries on comments to their own spot.

Oh well.

Brewer vetoes the requirement to check presidential candidate's credentials as to place of birth. Good. I don't like Obama, at all, but our state has enough contention going on to need to heap even more upon it. It is a useless waste of legislature's time to be drafting this kind of bill up and then going through all the motions to get it passed.

They have better things to do.

The price of food is continuing to rise. Especially seeing that scenario in the meat department at the local grocer's. Dairy products, too. In fact, just about everything. I'm beginning to wonder if some of this stuff I have been hearing for some time now isn't going to come to pass: food is going to get so expensive, some people aren't going to be able to afford to buy it. Others are going to be severely affected by it.

I dunno. I am not feeding a bunch of mouths right now so it really isn't affecting me that much. The trailer tenants are already complaining about it - they have limited finances and this kind of thing happening isn't helpful to their situation. I can always tell when they are down to their last pennies - they start eating mac and cheese or other types of noodles. I gave them a 3 pound package of ground beef yesterday, it was on sale.

But, the sales aren't that great - at least right now - as it is. That 3-pound pack at $6.19 on sale would have been around $2.50 in a similar sale only a year ago. The regular price of ground beef has soared, actually, to the point I don't even buy the stuff right now. If a good sale comes up on it anytime in the near future, I will be a lot of it.

Another example are the 5 pound chubs. A year ago, not even that long ago: $9.99 and you could get it much cheaper if it was on sale. Now? Over $13 for that same chub. That's a substantial rise in the price.

Things at work, completely changing the subject, are going in a - strange direction. I won't go into details, but even the feel of it is pretty much out there. I'm not sure what is going on, where it is leading to or what the final results will be, hold onto my seat and let's go for another roller coaster ride.

In reality, when times get rough in most societies, more people turn to God. I was just musing about that. I wonder if that's true in these current times. Especially America. The land of the free - and increasingly a lot of corruption at all levels. Meanwhile, people are homeless, hungry, broke. It's all around you, you may not see it because you haven't really looked. Or you may not WANT to see it. Who knows.

I am done with this one, as I seem to be wandering all over the place.



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