Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday 2/20/2011


I guess I don't think we have any more business telling Israel what their borders should be as they would if they were to tell us something like, gee, shouldn't you give some of that land back to Mexico? This is a situation I do not believe we should be meddling and I do believe we should be giving full support to the Israeli's. I think Obama is pretty much a non-sequeter in the Middle East. He words are hollow because, up until bin Laden, he has done much of nothing.

As far as leadership, the man doesn't have it. He doesn't get it, either.

Whatever. Next week is going to be rather busy. But, 6 days off starting on Wednesday. Only 2 day work week. I'm going to have to figure out what to get my son for both a birthday and a graduation present. I think I'll find something that will serve for both. He leaves for the mountains on June 5th, according to him and his company has offered to let him take an extended leave of absence, meaning he will have a job when he comes back.

I guess that was my biggest concern. He was quitting one job to take a temporary gig with the Salvation Army up in the mountains. It is a paying job, yes, but it's temporary. Summer only and then it's over and - back to square one when he comes back. His first and only job - the one he is working at now, he has managed to keep and not get fired. So, he's already starting to build a work history, not bad for a 17 year old.

I did throw him a curve ball not too long ago: When you go to college, where are you going to live? He got a look on his face that was priceless. Welcome to the real world, it can be rough at first. In fact, it can be rough a lot. Just a matter of perspective, but I don't think you get that perspective til' you've been through the wringer a few times. After a few moments of some uneasiness, I declared he was welcome to stay with me and probably his mother would say the same thing, but. The but? You have to be going to school. If you aren't going to school, then probably it's time to head out on your own. I have a good kid, he has aspirations and he is working towards them, I don't think I will HAVE to kick him out, that progression will happen "naturally" - what kid wants to live with his parents forever? Ummm, the 30 something year old down the street. A glaring view of something that is completely unnatural.

Ummm, one drive in the semi to the south valley and that's it - so far - for today. Monday has a trip up to Globe, I always love those drives. I love driving in the mountains, which is opposed to many truck drivers who don't like it because of steep grades. Perhaps, but engine brakes work pretty well nowadays and I haven't had a close call on a mountain grade in over 2 decades.

Time's a runnin' out. Work day almost here. My 240 calorie breakfast is ready to eat. I am still eating Weight Watcher's frozen dininers at work instead of eating at - fill in the blank here - with high caloric intake and sodium content as well. Those low calorie dinners aren't the greatest, but they aren't NEAR as bad as they were a decade ago. Or remember when frozen dinners first came out? I thought they were the most disgusting crap to ever be put in to a dinner type of plate.



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