Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pics from trips

A few pics. First 3 are of my son getting some awards at the end of year JROTC awards ceremonies. Not the greatest pics, unfortunately, the entire center row of seats from front to back were reserved for the cadets.

Pic below is of the silver van owned by the neighbors that like to call the police more than NFL fans call for pizza delivery. While they make up stories to try and get me into trouble, notice the van is parked the wrong direction. The police made the guy move it but didn't issue a ticket.

Some of the pics below are from my cell phone. You can tell because I had to first send the pics from my cellphone to my email, then "print screen" on the pic in email, then use paint processer to convert them into a Jpeg pic. The reason you can tell is because all of the tabs from the internet sites I was on are showing at the top of the pic. I haven't quite figured out how to crop pics yet without losing the entire pic.

So, pic below is also from the mine I was in on Monday. This mine was abandoned and not used for at least 2 decades. Many of the old structures are still up. This is one of them. I have no idea what it was used for. Interestingly, they have found the largest vein of copper in existence underneath this land, 7,000 feet down.

Pic below is of Fry's food store with camera phone. Poor pic, yes, but you can see the trash can is overflowing, there is trash on the sidewalk and there is trash in several carts. You can't see from this pic, but right next to the trash can on the other side are hundreds of cigarette butts lying on the ground. Just what you want to see when you enter a grocery store!

Pretty quaint old towns up in these mountains. Started decades ago, these towns popped up into existence solely because of the mining operations.

This is from the mine, also. It's a train sort of set up that goes into the mine. I have no idea whether this is a "current" set up or if this is also from the past. I took a pic of an old locomotive housed inside of a shed, too, but the pic is gone. I wish I had it, it's REALLY old and the tracks leading to the shed are long gone!

A maze of HDPE pipe in a different mine I was in a while back. We sell and deliver this pipe. It's thick, hard, plastic pipe. It can handle chemicals such as sulphuric acid being pumped through it, which is what mines use, apparently, to extract the copper element from the ore.

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