Saturday, May 14, 2011


As with most pills I take, these antibiotics are giving me strange sensations. But, I can't not take them - strep throat isn't anything to play around with. And anyway, it was only 2 pills yesterday and then 1 pill a day for the next 4 days. I am not going to do much of anything this weekend, rest/relax and try to get over this.

But, the ponds need some maintenance, more specifically, the filtration systems. All 3 of them need cleaned out and I can't just let it go. To do that means risking the health of the fish, so, I am going to get out there and get the big one done, come back later do the next one and then the third one will be easy. It's small and only takes a few minutes to clean out.

I upped the war in the diet realm. I quit eating Subway altogether and am buying the Weight Watchers frozen meals for lunch at work. The meals are no higher than 300 calories a piece with relatively low fat content. Yesterday, I ate around 1,000 calories - which ain't a lot, folks.

I ate a WW meal at about 6:00 am, the ate again around 4:30 pm - 10-1/2 hours later - and then had another small meal a couple hours after that and that was it. Today, I have eaten a small meal already and then don't plan to eat again until mid afternoon. Then, have another small meal at around 6:00 pm and that will be it, again.

My mother just called me and told me my sister-in-law's birthday is today. I have no relationship with my oldest brother, I haven't seen him in over a year, I think. No love lost there. I might call and wish a happy birthday, anyway, just because. I am not holding anything against them, it's them that want nothing to do with the family. They have their own world and their friends apparently are their family. They also have a cabin up in the mountains. I don't get it and I never will, but I have come to terms with it and have resolved myself to the fact that having any kind of relationship with either of my brothers is out of the question. In other words, I gave up trying. This isn't a pity party and I'm not feeling sorry for myself - at all. Just cold facts.

Anyway, I am headed up to the store. Need some clamps for my new UV sterilizer to install it on the big pond. If I had the energy, I would start the process of getting the pond liner, installing it into the horse trough I bought and then removing everything from the medium sized pond, including the fish, pumping that water into the horse trough - the water is "conditioned" and "cycled" - it's better for the fish and why waste the water? - and then going and catching all those fish out of the big pond and putting them in the trough. It will take a weekend - a full weekend - to do all of that. I don't have the liner yet, I just found it today on Craigslist. I am spending the cash I got when I sold the 2 pre-formed liners earlier this week to buy the flexible liner for the trough.

So, another project coming my way, sometime soon.

Well, just before I run completely out of motivation, I better get up and get this stuff done.




  1. Monday

    I can safely say that I am not even close to being over this strep throat junk. Not that I called into work sick, but I felt like it.

    So, I got a call Friday afternoon after I got home - and that was late because I had been to 2 different Urgent Care centers, got checked up, plus went to the pharmacy after work.

    A contractor - this particular individual is the most sour-attituded man I have ever encountered in my life - called and said a part was missing.

    I was being blamed for the "f...up" they were calling it. This guy called the salesman downtown, who must have gotten every form of management on earth to call my manager who in turn, called me.

    On our delivery tickets - that we also pull the orders from - it shows the quantity ordered and the quantity we are actually going to ship. Often times, we don't have enough of any given product and so even though the contractor orders a X amount, we can only give what we have. The rest shows as being on backorder.

    Well, fortunately, the pull ticket I was using to pull this order was sitting here this morning when I got into work. I went straight to the line item where this "f-up" occured. There it was. Backordered. Quantity ordered, 2, quantity on-hand, according to our system: 0, quantity on backorder - 2. There was also a PO attached to it. When I see a P.O. (purchase order) attached, that tells me we are getting the product from somewhere else.

    On this ticket, there are a LARGE number of backordered materials with P.O.'s attached. This isn't abnormal. So what's the problem? The problem is that we had one here that should have shipped. The system, for whatever reason, showed both of them being backordered instead of showing 1 shipping and 1 on backorder, as it should have.

    I am not in control nor am I in charge of the "system". Whatever it says, that's what we go off of. Why it showed them both on backorder when it shouldn't have - no clue. But, for my part, this is NOT anything that I screwed up on, thank you very much. If the powers that be want to find out why this is happening, that will be great, but I will take umbrage to any statements by anyone that I screwed up.

  2. Well, now that I have that out of my Airbus A330 engine on fire. I think that would probably scare the bleep out of me, too, especially if you happen to be sitting in a row where you can see the flames shooting out the back of the engine. Houston, we have a problem. Here's what I thought cool about it: the story says many of the passengers began praying and shouting to God for his protection.

    Yeaaaaaah! I wouldn't even think about it, pray pray pray, ask for divine intervention. At least no-one was hurt, the plane landed safely, alls well that ends well, at least in this case.

    Countdown to the end of the world, lol: 5 days. I read an article about the man spending his entire life's savings to put up the warnings. The end of the world, I suppose, could happen any day - but, I have serious doubts about this. He claims it will happen before 6:00am. The 21st is this coming Saturday, so, go to bed Friday night and be awakened by a giant, world-wide earthquake, at least according to the dude that came up with all of this.

    Dogs. I am tired this morning. Prince - the black Great Dane - kept waking me up last night. I finally just left him out. He was having internal problems coming out the back end in the form of liquid. Fortunately, that stuff ended up outside, not in my bedroom or anywhere else in the house. I'll give him credit for waking me up instead of doing what they used to do: go into my bathroom and dump all over the floor in there when they have diarhea. I still got upset for being awakened so many times and yes, he was banished to the outside of my bedroom door after the third time.

    My new pond liner should be here later this week. I paid for it from the proceeds of selling off 2 of the ponds that I wasn't using. I will be selling another pond as well, the one I am shutting down.

    I'm sorta kicking myself right now, though. I will have to move the pond I am shutting down out of the way to put the horse trough there. Well, where am I going to put the fish and the plants while I'm doing that? I should have kept one pond so I could fill it up with water and temporarily put the fish and plants in there, pumping the water out of the pond being shut down into the temporary pond.

    So, it means pumping the water into the horse trough. Moving the other pond, pumping the water back into the other pond, putting the horse trough where that pond was and pumping the water yet again into the horse trough. I have a 1,000 gallon per hour pump, I guess it won't take that long, but it's still going to be a pain.

    However, I consider it will be worth the trouble as this horse trough is 400 gallons and holds a lot more water than the pond it is replacing, which only holds 165 gallons. More room for the fish to move around in, once I get the pond established I will move some of the bigger Koi from the other pond into it as well.

    Once I sell the 3rd pond, I will use that money and get a small container that can be used for fish displacement instead of having to go through all of this trouble.

    Umm, anyway, work day is here, I must be offa here.




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