Monday, May 23, 2011


I was reading yesterday that the IRS has some sort of glitch going on in their system in getting tax return payments back to people that have filed their returns. Some people they are saying up to 4 months. GAG. I turned mine in a week before the deadline, so I'm only 5 weeks into this. Of course, when I filed the federal return, I also filed the state return.

Today, I go to the mailbox and see a letter from the Arizona State Department of Revenue. I start trembling, what are THEY doing sending me a letter before the Feds even have gotten to me?!! Then I started thinking: they don't do anything until the Feds figure out what's going on, at least from previous experience, which is, admittedly, a long time ago.

So, the shock of seeing an almost $1,500 check inside was a precious commodity. I mean, you don't get "shocked" that way every day. I need to get some things repaired around here, while still trying to keep a few pennies left over for emergency. The biggest need is to get the AC on my newer car fixed. I am not a glutten for punishment: driving around Phoenix, Arizona, in the summer without AC? You might as well be swimming in fire and brimstone. A car can get as hot as 150 degrees inside of it.

Oh, yes, I have my old car and it's AC works. Correct. It does, but now that I have this return, I am going to spend the $300 or $400 it's going to cost to get the AC fixed and then park the older car. Caleb will be gone for almost 2 months, when he returns home, he will get the old car and I will be back in my newer car, AC fixed and yes, I am also going to get the windows fixed as well.

I will be doing the rest of my tax returns after the Feds send me the 5 grand return and I will be sitting in a pretty pool of money, at least by my standards. Yes, I know, don't count your chickens before they hatch. Well, the State has hatched and unless they have changed it - ie: basing a return on whether the feds give it or not, I do expect the feds to be sending it out. I will have enough money then to cover using a regular accountant, I want someone to find every last penny that I can get. With carry overs I should be able to rake in over 15 grand. MY money, btw, not some grant or hand-out, money I have already paid into the system.

Well enough. Just happy to have some cash!



  1. Tuesday
    Harold Camping is making a mockery of Christianity. His "Judgment Day" prediction obviously fell flat on it's face. NOW he's saying that it was a "spiritual" judgment day and that the earth will be obliterated in 5 months. The worst part of what he is saying, though, is that "God's judgment and salvation were completed on Saturday" - meaning whoever is going to be with the Lord in 5 month is going and whoever isn't, isn't and there isn't going to BE anyone else saved from this point forth.

    Look, you and I probably don't believe this bahooey. Who is this man to declare what God is and isn't doing? Worse, to tell the world that no-one else can be saved? And where does he come up with this 200 million number? There are what, over 6 billion people on this planet and only 200 million are going to be saved? The problem is the scores of people who WILL undoubtedly believe him.

    I find this man's statement reprehensible at best. His prediction utterly failed, he should simply shut his stupid mouth at this point. He is leading people astray.

    Doomsday preachers never accept the reality that they are false prophets when their predictions come and go and that is exactly what this man is: a FALSE PROPHET.

    Okay, enough. I am not falling for his junk and neither are a vast majority of people and those that do, some would say, make their bed and lay in it. All well and good, but some people are simply vulnerable to fear and scare tactics, which is exactly what this man is using.

    Anyway, last day of the work week for me and then off until Tuesday. Good luck to the temporary driver that is coming to replace me - he has to make a trip up to the mountains on Friday, hope he is a decent driver.

    My dad called late last night and left a message - yes, he is coming, he'll be here at 10:35 am at the bus station, booked a room at the Best Western. Yes, I'll be there at the bus station and take him to the hotel and then whatever he wants to do. I don't think he's all that much into doing a lot of anything these days, do something and then go back and rest. I wish I had the time to get my newer car fixed, I would have the AC fixed and wouldn't have to tote my dad around in an old, beat-up clunker. But, since the AC works in that old beater and the temps are starting to warm up, well, best to do that I guess.

    Hmmm, well I think my son is off from school. Maybe I should force him to take the thing in somewhere, since he's the one that's been driving it, and get it done. I don't even know where I am going to take the thing to have it fixed. Probably not the shop down the street from my work, they are good but they would charge me a small fortune to fix it. I can get it done cheaper elsewhere.

    Umm, I have already run out of time.



  2. This is good news Ben. Hope you get your return quickly.


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