Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thursday 5/5/2011


Caught another cat last overnight. The darn trap opened up on me and let the thing out this morning when I was going to put it into my car to deliver it to it's new home.

Anyway, last night. This stuff seems to come in 2's - if one neighbor starts trouble, the other one does as well. I was just out front of my house after the deal with the dogs with noises people was over and sat there looking at the dude with the tude' and his buddy across the street giving me stares and glares.

To clarify, the big heavy man 2 houses down started trouble with me making threats against my life - though not to me but to my trailer tenants - about the cat situation. I did not say anything to anyone about catching cats except to those in my household, so I have no idea how this dude found out.

But I didn't care, either, that he found out (and yes, one of the cats I caught this morning was one of his cats).

Well, this guy hangs out with the 37 year old "kid" - the guy that is still living at home with his parents. He has NEVER left home. He is a tweeker - smokes meth - has no job or life. The man with the cats is an ex-felon - spent 9 years in prison for selling drugs, yes, from his home right there.

So, that sort of defines the who and what's of these "people", obviously oustanding citizens. I watched them for a while, though I said nothing. I figured if they wanted to start trouble with me, I would just call the police again. The 37 year old was making guesstures towards me and doing his thing, but, not with all the noises.

His parents, I think, forced him to stop doing that. You see, that 37 year old has a curfew on him, if he's not in by 7, he can't sleep there that night. He is under some controls, but certainly not enough to make him stop tweeking and start doing something with his life. He was walking around, acting like a bad-@$$, I was quite unimpressed. I also said nothing. If he wants to act like a 2 year old, let him do so.

After they were doing "conversing", the felon went back into his house and this dude comes walking down the street towards my house. They know now that I will call the police on them if they start any trouble at all. He said nothing but was giving me a stare-down the entire time he walked by.

Well, whatever. I consider the source and said nothing to him, not going to stoop to his level of childishness and school yard bullying.

That was it. Nothing else happened. Today, when I get home from work, if those dogs are barking at me again, I am immediately going to call the police. I am not going to turn on the music, I am going to simply do what they said to do yesterday and see if the police will actually do anything about it.

Onto a few other items. Let's see here, if they somehow find that Obama "broke the law" in illegally killing osama, what are they going to do, arrest him and throw him in prison? Impeach him? I thought it a lot of political grandstanding the way he brought the speech out about the killing but I have no qualms about the killing itself. I also thought that photo of the helicopter was interesting, to say the least. It looked more like a piece of an alien spacecraft then a helicopter's remains.

Whatever. Fully 3 tenants plus the trailer people are behind in rent payments. This doesn't exactly make it easy to - keep the lights on, water running and all the rest of it. Basically, I get paid when they get paid. The Army reservist, though, certainly waited a good period of time to make her final payment for last month. I have received nothing from 2 of them for this month and a small amount from the 3rd. Trailer tenants are expecting money in the mail in a few days from her participation in online surveys.

So, what to do. Hunker down and hope I can survive the lag time - time between having due dates on bills and getting enough money to actually pay those bills.




  1. Okay. Today was enough. I'm in my bedroom watching an episode of Hell's Kitchen or whatever with Ramsey when I get some knocking on my bedroom door.

    I am not normally accustomed to getting knocks on my bedroom door from anyone - if that happens, something's going on. The kid tenant: Hey Ben, someone is here and they were pounding on your kitchen glass door.

    I'm not sorry to say that the Phoenix Police Department - SOUTH MOUNTAIN PRECINCT - has NO business pulling a lock off the inside of a gate and entering private property without a warrant. There is a doorbell button out there and not surprisingly, before today and yesterday, they have FOUND that button every time.

    So, having had no dealings with the neighbors next door - at all - today - I was curious and at the same time - irritated. I am tired of this junk and I want it to end.

    "Your neighbors called us today telling us that you were agitating their dogs by kicking the fence".

    Oh, I went out there today. I sat down on my chair next to the medium sized pond. My dogs followed my out there and laid down on the blankets I have for them there - othewise they would be laying on landscaping rocks and these dogs insist on following me everywhere on the property. Which I don't mind. lol

    My ONLY venture near the fence was my daily inspection of winter-damaged plants and trees. Kicking the fence? Lol. PLEASE. Their dogs weren't even on my side of the house. They apparently decided after the police told them yesterday that yes, I have the right to peaceable enjoyment of my property just as much as they do, that they were going to "relocate" their dogs. I sat out there in the silence afforded without continual dog barking that I haven't experienced in QUITE some time. My dogs did not bark or even growl - I don't let them. They are to remain quiet over there and yes, they have learned that.

    Back to the police. I was astounded that these people are now making up lies to entertain their fantasies of - what? Having me arrested? I had NO interaction with them today - AT ALL. No dogs, no gestures, nothing.

    I ended up calling the police department and asking for the sergeant. I was asked if someone else could deal with the situation? I politely explained Phoenix Police entering my property as they have and that yes, I need to talk to someone in the managerial structure, thank you. I was switched over to a supervisor. No problem, let's talk to the supervisor, though I have talked with the sergeant in the past.

    There was no argument. Probable cause - of which there was none - is the only precursor that allows them to enter a property without a warrant. Not that I brought warrants or even legal rights up, it was only brought forth of them coming onto my property in the fashion they are. I DO have a doorbell, it DOES work.

    And, again, it was a different set of police.
    .......ended ..........but not finished.............end tomorrow.

  2. Friday

    Yesterday's dealings was more than I want to continue one with. I'm not sure which is worse: the neighbors calling the police and making up stories or having to deal with the police all the time.

    The bad part about the police is it is different officers every time they come over. I mean, HOW MANY officers do they HAVE working the South Mountain Precinct in that particular portion of it? I have to go through a lengthy conversation with them, every single time, because they are not the same officers as the last time, so, start from ground zero and build the story up from the beginning.

    It's beginning to be annoying. But - those neighbors making up stories and lying? When I explained to the officers yesterday that I hadn't even SEEN their dogs - or them for that matter (the neighbors, that is) and then asked them how I could possibly agitate dogs that aren't present - that was the end of it for me. I didn't want to be rude, but I was through with the conversation. Go deal with THEM for filing a FALSE report. They left and the did not linger over at the neighbor's, either, they said something to them for a minute and then they took off.

    That's when I called the precinct and asked for the sergeant. If the police come over again today, I will be calling the precinct WHILE they are there, because I am beginning to feel harassed - not just by the neighbors but also by the police. I am taking out my camera and turning on the video portion of it every time they come over now. They tend to tone down quite a lot with their authority trip when they are being video'ed, I have noticed.

    I don't hate police, but this is getting old, is the point.

  3. Whatever. Despite all of that, I actually slept almost entirely through the night last night, after having several nights in a row of getting maybe 4 hours of sleep.

    Now that I am probably going to be getting the attention of the IRS, I am going to have to come up with the rest of the paperwork. Referring to interest deduction for mortgage payements for further deductions and whatever else I can come up with. The problem is, I need the tax refund so I can file the rest of it. If I don't get the refund but they demand filing the rest of it, then I am screwed because I don't have the money to be plopping down to get all of that done.

    The lady across the street is officially moved out. She is living with her daughter - she is also dying, unfortunately. They give no more than 2 months. In the case of her house, well, they want $16,000.00 for it. It's another old, junky mobile home. I'm not dissing the lady that owns it, I'm just saying, it's old and dilapidated. I dread the kind of people that are going to move into a 16K house. I mean, a family? Drug users? More illegals? No clue. Hold my breath and see what happens. I would offer to buy it on payments and rent it out, but there is too much that would have to be repaired to make it livable. The roof is leaking and the ceiling inside where it has been leaking would have to be removed and replaced. Carpet, this that and the other thing, it would add up to a lot of money spent trying to get someone in there.

    The only good thing about a potential scenario like that is I would be determining who lives there. I've given some thought to making that kind of offer to them, but I just don't have it in me to think about gutting another house and starting from the floor up to make it habitable. It really needs to come down, remove it and build something else there.

    Still - I have done that kind of thing before. It takes money to make money, so the old saying goes and it's true: it would take a couple of months, I am guessing, to do all of that work plus the money to buy materials plus making payments on it at the same time: no can do.

    Well, time is running out, I must be offa here - though - there isn't ANYTHING to do in the truck routing system, which truly sucks.

    Oh well.




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