Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tuesday 5/10/11


Finally. 3 consecutive business days starting on Thursday and ending yesterday that we had NO deliveries. The life blood of this business is delivering the material we sell. No deliveries equals no GP. Today's deliveries aren't a lot of money, but it's better than nothing. A bit of a sigh of relief in that department.

Instead of wasting time fearing or anticipating (depending on from where you are looking at this stuff) Christ's return, the energy is better spent praying for all of those people along the Mississippi river whose homes and land are about to be washed away. Some of the stories are heart-wrenching. Today was a guy talking about his attempt to build his own levee around his home and barns.

Ummm, anyway. Work day begins in a just a few minutes. My dad wrote me again after I left work yesterday to my work email account. He's not sure about what to do with this situation that my brothers will be there at the graduation ceremonies. They haven't spoken in years 6 or so that I can think of. That's a pretty good length of time to have to all show up at the same place and consider being together.

That's okay, I rarely see my brothers, either and we don't talk on the phone, in email or otherwise. They are just a notch above being perfect strangers. I do hope they called mom on Mother's Day, at least. In fact, to the end of seeing my middle brother, I am not looking forward to it at all. Seeing my oldest brother means nothing to me anymore either good or bad. He's just a person - that I don't know - that may or may not show up, who knows and at this point, I frankly don't care. I do hope that if we are all sitting together, which would be a photo worthy thing because it will undoubtedly be the only time in this or any coming decades that that will ever happen again, that they will simply keep their negative junk to themselves.

I will have no qualms, whatsoever, in getting up and moving to another spot if they start trouble as the event is about my son, not any of us.

The day looms closer and thusly, the thoughts of having us all together in one place also are starting to pop up.



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