Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday 5/11/11


Strange thing happened yesterday. Dogs next door were barking, which isn't strange, I'll get to that part in a minute. I decided to see if the police and their statements that I should call them instead of turning on the music would actually turn up any results. I suppose, if I had wanted to be sneaky about it, I wouldn't have done so right next to the fence where they could hear me making the call.

But I didn't care about sneakiness. The officer on the phone told me I would have to call a city prosecutor's office. No, no and double no. This is NOT what your officers told me, in person, last week. Call them, they would come out and start writing tickets. That is what they said. This guy went on about the prosecutor's office. No, again, I want the police to come out here and do what they said they were going to do.

Of course, I had no thought, whatsoever, that they would actually come out and write tickets. That, along with several other things they told me last week, was all made up junk.

So, call in, I'm outside waiting - and waiting - and waiting. Next thing I see is a white SUV pulling up to - me, actually. It was not the police, it was what appeared to be a family. No clue who this is. Guy gets out - covered, and I do mean covered - with tattoos. Not that that automatically predjudices me, just an interesting sight to see a man's arms and the visible part so his legs and even his neck with tats completely covering the skin surface.

Okay, I DID think, upon seeing that, that maybe there was trouble? No clue. Braced myself as the man got out of the vehicle and approached me. Is Rey here? Rey? Oh, Reyyy! No, he's not here, they left a while ago for parts unknown. Turns out it's Rey's girlfriend's parents. He went back to the vehicle, they called them and asked where they were at, etc etc etc.

Well, they waited - and waited - and waited for them to show up, I was waiting for the police - the people next door heard me and shortly after making that call they all piled into their van and left. Lol. About the time the last eeklings of the sun's rays were showing, I bid the family out front a goodbye, as I was heading in - I had been chatting with them for well over an hour while they were waiting for Rey to show up.

20 minutes later, they were ALL coming into the house. I think Rey had no small amount of trepidation bringing his girlfriend's parents in, plus their daughter and his girlfriend's daughter as well. He looks at me and asks if he's going to get an eviction notice tomorrow.

Lol, I'm not mean-spirited and besides, tattoos and all, these were nice people. I actually ended up entertaining them for a while, until it was time to go to bed.

About 8:45 is when I went to bed. At a bit after 10:00, my cellphone wakes me up. I get up to go look at it. 602-000-0000. No such number exists, I knew it was the police. I was in no mood to talk to them, it was 7 hours earlier that I had placed the call. I just let it ring and went back to sleep.

That's it. An odd night. I might call the police again today. Depends on my mood, I guess and whether their dogs put me into that mood, really. They have an unregistered vehicle parked on the street, the police can have it towed if they were so inclined. They have 4 vehicles, actually, no, make that 6. 2 in the driveway next to their house behind a gate, 1 in the driveway in front of the gate - none of those are working vehicles. Then 3 more on the street, only 1 of which they drive.

6 vehicles, 1 family, plus all the rest of the junk they have scattered everywhere.

Well, whatever. OH, I sold my ponds yesterday! Yoooohooooooo. The guy told me last weekend he would come on Tuesday to get them and by golly, he did! He didn't even try to talk me down in price. Amazing. So, that gone and money in pocket, that money pays for a liner for that horse trough and then some. In fact, I am going to spend all that money - $125 - on pond stuff since I already had it spent on pond stuff in the first place. I am going to buy another 9 watt UV sterilizer.

Anyway, work day is here and there is an "emergency" delivery that i have to get out first thing.



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