Friday, May 6, 2011

Weekend - City of Phoenix South Mountain Precinct

I came home today and literally was shocked to see my pond in the front yard almost emptied of water. WHOA!!!!
Fortunately, the fish were still alive, treading the bottom and undoubtedly having their thoughts of "what's going on here?!!".
I immediately got the hose going and started filling it back up while wondering how it could possibly be leaking that fast. I mean, did someone come into my yard and poke a hole in the bottom of the pond?

No, I figured out quickly, the area behind where the filtering system is was muddy-wet. Ahhh, I saw the problem. The filtering system is perched at an angle - the wrong angle - down towards the back. The water coming out of the system was finding it's way not only into the pond, but also streaming underneath it back out of the pond and into the area beside it.

Problem solved, quickly and without trouble. Still a bit scary - I know they are just goldfish, but I have no desire to find them dead and brittle because the water leaked out of the pond.

Over on the east side of my house, when I went out there a while ago to feed my fish, the "neighbors" were out there apparently making some kind of effort to clean up 7 years worth of household trash and junk laying on the side of their house. Freaking disgusting. I said nothing to him, the "man" of the house and only glanced that way shortly.

I'm half expecting another visit from the police. These people are calling the police at the drop of a hat. I am NOT going to live in fear of them calling the police and if the police come over here again, I'm going to start contacting the news organizations. South Mountain Precinct. Google that - South Mountain Precinct. That's all you have to put in there to have pop up a torrent of stories about the issues with this precinct. A bit more negative publicity? Why not. I feel like I am being harassed at this point and I will tolerate no more of it from either the neighbors or the police.

I am not saying anything to the neighbors - I never do anyway unless they are provoking me - and I am not playing the music. If their dogs start barking at me while I'm out there, it will be my turn to call the police and file a complaint, just as they instructed me to do earlier this week.

That's it, for that anyway. Police haven't been here yet and if they do arrive - for unknown reasons - I am going to call the precinct and ask them why they are harassing me. I will be running a video of it as well.

As for this weekend - nothing out of the normal for me. Might go to mother's house tomorrow if she is available to get some things she picked up for me for my plants and trees. She is leaving town on Sunday. She loved the flower arrangement I sent her and I've received a telephone and 2 emails telling me that, lol. Gotta love mom!


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