Monday, June 13, 2011

It Is A Foregone Conclusion That..........

............I will not be writing my normal, early, workday entry tomorrow morning, so I'm writing something now instead.

I put in 10-1/2 hours today and didn't get everything done that needed to be done. Hence, the contractor I was supposed to make an afternoon delivery to wants his stuff there, at the site atttttt...................5:30 am. That means getting up a bit before 4:00 am to take my shower and get ready for work, get to work, open up shop, get the semi to the front of the store, do my paperwork, close up shop and leave. That's going to take longer than I am figuring here, I'm probably going to have to get up at 3:30 am to get it done. Oh well.

The worst part about days like today are that I do not get to keep the hours. I will have to leave 3 hours early sometime this week. Tomorrow may go over as well, not sure yet, but rest assured, some day this week will be slow and I will end up going home early - very early.

If I could get 10 hours a day, every day, at work, I would have no further need of tenants. Or at most, 1 and rent out 2 rooms to 1 person (lots of people look for such situations). Pipe dream.

So, I heard back from my son yet again. By now, the campers (kids) are there. I am sure they get right on with camp activities shortly after they arrive since the kids are only there for 6 days. He gave a devotional last night and apparently it touched the hearts of those that were listening. He didn't answer any of my questions, lol, about the car, college, etc, his mind is undoubtedly in a different place right now, I'll give him a pass on that one.

I worked my @$$ off today, so much so that I had no need of going to a gym today. I was getting a workout all day long loading and unloading that truck and pulling 2 massive orders. It didn't quite wipe me out, but it came close to it. Which is a good thing, I will need to be going to bed extra early and I don't want to have trouble staying asleep. I never have a problem GETTING to sleep, it's STAYING asleep that sometimes defies me. Oh and work today? No break, all day long, no time for it. The difference is, the computer system at work is no longer robbing me of half hours of time - it used to be I logged out and it would automatically deduct a half hour. Not now, they changed it - after 5 years of losing a lot half hours and involuntarily donating that time to the company - it asks you if you took a break. If you did, what time, if you didn't it doesn't deduct anything. Nice, finally and about time.

For whatever reason, the diet is starting to work again. Oh, maybe it's the hikes up into the mountains and redoubled efforts to keep calorie counts down. I've consumed about 1,200 calories today, total. I have only had water and a peach tea thing that has no calories in it. I just looked it up to be sure, 0 calories and the only thing in is a small amount of sodium. I will consume no more calories today, at all and start all over again tomorrow with the same mindset. It's much easier for me to keep with it during the weekdays while at work and even when I come home from work. A tad bit harder during the weekends, but I'm pretty motivated to get rid of the excess and be done with it. I was stuck at 197 for a long time, with fluctuations of course, but it has shown at 193 for a couple of days now and hopefully I can soon break the 180 wall and maybe KEEP it down there this time. Oops, I had coffee this morning with no fat creamer (I haven't used sugar in coffee in at least 25 years) - 10 calories per serving. 2 cups of coffee equals next to nothing.

Well, I gotta go out and check on the fishies before it gets dark. I fed them earlier but I didn't do my daily "inspection". OH, and the AC in the semi is definitely fixed!! Yahoooooooo!




  1. Losing weight is an art form I am convinced although I can't lose it while I exercise...I gain too much muscle..

  2. Well I don't care anything about gaining muscle, just want the fat to be gone.


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