Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday 6/6/2011


JD shows up early last night.
What's up? I ask him, you're hear early.
Well I wanted to ask you about that note you left the other day.

The note was to the kid tenant: stop telling people to get off of the computer, thank you. He will tell people flat out to get off the thing because "I need to use it".

Not in MY house that kind of s*** isn't going to happen. Well, I started explaining it and then the kid tenant (he's like 23 years old, I think) comes out and interjects himself into the conversation. He got instantly into "in your face" mode and I was having none of it. I got right back in his face and then he left the F bomb drop.

I was all over that. Hey dude, let me offer this proposal to you: STAY THE **** OFF OF MY COMPUTER. I got flaming mad at the point he let the f bomb drop and yes, I raised my voice considerably. No need to go into all of it. He lost, I won. He backed down, still tried to argue, I just said the same thing: my way or nothing. It's MY computer, I will have done with it as I please.

The problem with this kid is he doesn't ever try to see things through another person's eyes. He ONLY sees things through HIS rather tunnel-visioned eyes and he seemingly doesn't CARE what is going on with anyone else. I did try to get that through his thick skull last night: try just for once placing yourself in someone else's shoes.

I'll just get off of that now. I just read an email from my manager: apparently Monday has blown up. Too much to do, too many people wanting things done at such and such a time, are we going to be able to do it, please try to be ready to leave by the time I get there. He shows up later than I do by design.

June 7th through June 9th. The commercial vehical safety alliance. This is an annual thing, I think. They pull trucks over and do inspections. When I say an inspection, I mean open up the hood, get out the creeper and crwl under the truck, THAT kind of inspection. Besides the AC not working the thing, everything else is cherry. Working AC is not, obviously, required as a functioning part of a tractor trailer rig. I do not, however, want any part of any inspections and I will avoiding their favorite places to pull trucks over, even if it means going out of my way to get somewhere. I have HAD that truck inspected, 6 ways from Sunday, it's in excellent condition. Inspections take time, too much time.

Umm, well anyway. The Big Weekend is over, Caleb is up in his temporary new life in the mountains, I will wait until the weekend and see how it's going. He's only doing training this week, kids don't actually start showing up until Monday. I'm sure he'll do fine, in fact, I fully expect that he will excell in his position and that they will love him up there. He is great with kids and he has already been in a leadership role through the JROTC as a commander over 60 kids. I expect in life that he will be management material wherever he goes, if that's the case and if he "succeeds" in life - then my job is over. He will have done better than I and that is good with me.

Bad news: the Wallop fire may take down both Greer and Alpine, AZ. I have spent some time in Greer, it's a popular vacation spot for Phoenicians to go up into the mountains and get out of the heat during the summer. They are evacuating both towns. The fire is out of control, has zero containment and God help those people that live up there. Pray for rain, that's all I can say.

Well, time is up and I am going straight to work.



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