Monday, June 27, 2011

Sunday ((Morning)) 6/26/2011

The Sunday morning mind battle is on.
I stayed up too late last night to boot, meaning standing for over an hour isn't all that appealing of an idea, either.

I walked away from this entry, got to business and got to church. Good service today, too. I mean, I guess they are all good services but I particularly liked this one.

It figures, however, that they are just about to do their first, evangelical outreach. I can't seem to go into one of these places and not have that happening. In case you didn't know, I have a lot of experience in evangelizing, coordinating, street preaching, etc etc etc, I just haven't done any in recent memory. I do not feel like I am in any position, whatsoever, however, to be involved in any evangelizing and I will take a pass on it this time. These people don't know my background and history in this particular realm and I am not going to be giving up that information easily.

The only thing I knew earlier when I started writing this entry, is that if I sat around letting my mind wander in useless territory, I would not end up going.

I didn't go this week, but I am giving more weight to the idea of going on Wednesday, just because I like what the subject is going to be about and it probably will speak to my heart and soul. I'm starting to become intrigued by all of this.

Didn't finish this yesterday, it in draft version in my dashboard, posting it anyway.


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