Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tuesday 6/28/2011


So, this is what happens when we leave a REAL threat unchallenged: Iran and it's braggadocious that they can hit US bases in the region with their missiles. The "leadership" in that country needs to be brought down. Here is a real case, at least IMO, where we should have done something LONG ago, when we first found out about their nuclear intentions.

My manager calls me at 9:00 pm last night. I was just about to shut the lights off in my bedroom and go to sleep. Seems that a certain salesman - who is self-exalted and sitting on his man-made throne - called him bitching at him about the "fact" that a set of bolts was not delivered today to a jobsite that I took the delivery to. In other words, he was blaming both of us for messing up a delivery.

I remembered that order and did not remember any 16 inch bolt sets on it. But I wasn't sure. I wasn't exactly sitting around doing nothing yesterday, I got off work late because of the extreme workload and today looks to be another dose of the same.

Well, of course, the first thing I did when I got here to work this morning (after making the coffee, of course), was to check the order. No such bolts on the order.

That guy calls ME again and starts giving me fluff, I am going to shove it right back in his face. I get a bit tired of 20 somethings, arrogant, egotistical and smug, talking S*** to a person that has been there, done htat, and has learned a little about the concept of humility in life. I can only say for the poor soul that sooner or later, he is in for a fall and it is going to be a hard one. Your props that are holding you up will only last so long..........

Today's high is slated to be 115. I have a full day's work today, our truck routing system for today is stacked. Which is why I am eating breakfast and lunch now, it's a given there will not be time for it one the clock starts.

Hmm, well that 3 day weekend coming up is sounding even nicer as the days close in on it.

That said, I am done with this one.



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