Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tuesday 6/7/2011


Well, one thing I have pretty good grasp on: there area where Caleb is, is not threatened, whatsoever, by the Wallow fire. There may be a lot of smoke, I dunno about that. My ex spoke with him yesterday and he is doing well. I am not going to bother him until this coming weekend when all the learning/training is over and he is on the verge of kids showing up and doing - camp stuff.

He will be so engrossed in what he is doing, I suspect, that the idea of getting "homesick" will undoubtedly not even cross his mind.

Anyway, the fire is the big news around these parts and rightly so: many of the communities threatened are Phoenician summer getaways. Go up there to camp or get a room at a lodge and enjoy the mountain fresh air, cooler temps and scenery - which apparently is going to go to pot. Instead of tall pines there's going to be blackened earth. Even if those communities survive the fire, I wonder what kind of tourism it's going to be with that kind of view?

Dunno, can't do anything about it. The only real thing that would stop this fire right now is a good downpouring of rain.

Well, a drive to up to - the mountains. Nowhere near the fire, fortunately as I don't want to be exposed to breathing in all that smoke. My system does not do well in such situations.

I'm also weighing whether I should even take a vacation. Just when you think maybe there is a glimmer of hope for the economy, some of the finanical "gurus" start talking a double-dip recession and even a few of them suggesting a depression just around the corner.

Dunno. Maybe get some camping equipment and just go up to the mountains - where there is no fire, thank you, still plenty of that around just in a different direction - and enjoy something other than sitting at home all the time, especially with summer. I dunno, though, about taking all those dogs with me, I think that might be a handful. 1 dog?

Work day approaches and already before starting time there are have been 2 people in here - in grumpy moods, to say the least, about their situation for today.

Fortunately, I neither had anything to do with their mood or have anything to do with what they are going to have to do today, lol.



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