Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More Taxes/Dinner Out

So, I took all the tax junk into the tax dude. He has a small office and apparently works alone in it. We went through all of it, particularly the 2007 return. He said he would do the numbers and see if it was going to be worth it to modify it to get more carryover and he would let me know. Well, I replied, if the carryover net worth is more than your fee to do it, then we're going to do it! His response? "I'm just going to warn you that filing this particular form (whatever it was x31a or something like that) puts you at risk of being audited". Oh well. I thought I was going to get audited with this whole deal to begin with, if it happens, it happens, no sense in getting into fear about it. If it's rightfully my money, I want it!

I had no idea that you could write off the cost of your auto tags from year to year! He brought up the deductions, I knew about the rest of them, but not auto tags! I started giving to the church I am going to, and though I don't give to get a write-off, the write-off is available and since it's not unethical, I will be taking that write-off next year. I don't think I'm getting quite as much money as I thought I might, but whatever it is, it's better than nothing! The cost for having it done is about $500 - but that's going through fully 4 years of taxes and this guy, in listening to him, certainly appears to know what he's talking about.

1-1/2 hours and I am meeting the pastors for dinner. They wanted to get together, I offered dinner out at a decent restaurant. They accepted and away we go. I have no idea where this is leading, hopefully just more of a session to get to know one another a bit. I have not spent much time, admittedly and at all, talking with anyone at church. I show up for the services just before they start and I leave as soon as it's over. I smile at people, say hi, shake hands if it's offered, but I waste no time getting out the door. I can hardly say I am over the junk that happened in the divorce and that church era and I suspect it's going to take some time to fully get over it. But, I figure as long as I'm trying - which means at least showing up for church on Sundays and probably most Wednesdays - that's a good start.

Anyway, I had thoughts of waiting to see what I will end up getting in the rest of these taxes before getting anymore camping gear. But, I think I will just finish getting what I intended to get in the first place, which is the basic stuff you really must have in order to have a good camping experience and then, the other stuff that is nice to have but not absolutely necessary can come later. I'm figuring - in buying mostly used stuff - to get out of it much cheaper than I had initially anticipated. People are dumping camping equipment and one of the few things I would not do is buy someone else's sleeping bag. I don't care how clean it looks, someone else slept in it and I have no idea what that someone else might be "carrying". I wouldn't be comfortable in it and that's enough for me to go out and yes, buy a brand new one. I am sure Walmart undoubtedly has a good deal on them.

Umm, well getting wordy here.




  1. Wednesday

    Short one here.
    I got into work here and started looking at the truck routing system - full, to say the least and an email telling me I could start early if I wanted to.

    I'm not the biggest fan of having surprises thrown on me at 5:30am - ie: skipping my pre-work rituals. I think I'll drink a cup of coffee first, at the least, and then I'll sign in.

    Meanwhile, dinner with the pastors last night was good. We talked about the entire world of subjects and as I thought would happen, my past as a missionary and involvement in the church came up. Oh well. Not the end of the world and they were more interested in my well being than attempting to push me into something I am not ready for, so for that, they earn even more of my respect.

    I was interested in how they decided to do a church plant here - there are no lack of churches in this area. They have some different ideas than most churches around here, I'll give them that, and pretty good ideas at that.

    Church tonight and I do intend on going.

    I have also adjusted my "thoughts" on going up north to get Caleb. If I get my camping equipment in time, I may just leave after work on Friday, go up to the rim, camp somewhere or just go to my mother's property, pitch the tent and away we go. Maybe take one of the dogs with me.

    Anyway, I gotta git offa here. My first cup is half empty and now I am feeling the need to get going on all of this - there is a LOT of driving to be done not to mention orders to be pulled and picking up materials all over the place plus the deliveries. Oh, but I can't forget the notice I need to write up.

    Have to get into that later.



  2. I use an accountant and they are worth their weight in gold. I looked at my taxes again last night and was absolutely amazed at all the moving parts that were deductible...

  3. I agree. I only used an internet service to get my 2007 taxes done before the deadline - get it or lose it. But, I wanted experienced eyeballs looking over it and seeing whatever he can get out of it.


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