Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday 7/31/2011

The call from the doctor yesterday indicated both blood and urine cultures are normal. I didn't check that until this morning.
However, my eye was blood red this morning and has been in some level of discomfort for about a week now. It was looking particularly bad today and more discomfort, obviously, it isn't getting better on it's own.

Yup, a trip back to the doc, 3rd trip in less than 2 weeks. The doc put some orange junk in my eye and checked it for tears. No tears, it's just plain infected. Antibiotic drops and I am out of there.

I am done with the Levaquin and hope that I never have to take that stuff again. My last dose was yesterday afternoon, the dosage is once every 24 hours, it is now 3 hours past the final 24 hours and I am feeling a bit better.

Caleb is back, of course, getting a bit settled back into things but I think this week or next he leaves for CA and there for a week and then back after that.

I never did get a confirmation about my intended vacation from my manager. He isn't very good about that, though. I have found that such things are sort of left up in the air until the week before the vacation. Well, if I had airplane tickets or some other thing planned that had money dumped on the table in advance, that wouldn't work out too well.

I'm not really into writing today, so, I think I'll call this one quits.




  1. Levaquin is some damn strong stuff. What in the hell did you have man?

    Be well,

  2. Monday

    Why give that much of a debt ceiling hike? That's my question to conservatives who are sick of Obama's spending madness. Veritably, it IS a blank check. 2.4 trillion dollars at that man's hands is the same as the age-old fox guarding the henhouse: he can't help but find a way to spend it. Give him half a trillion. Give him 250,000,000,000. There, that should do it. 250 billion. They HUGE amounts of money around like it's pebbles on the ground. They don't care.

    I hope it doesn't pass. It's just plain too much money that has no limitations on what, exactly, can be done with it. Yes, I KNOW Obama said it's not for spending on anything but our bills, I don't believe him. History has a way of repeating itself: Obama can't control himself and it's fact that he thinks bigger government is better.

    "Several objections are expected, including from Republican defense hawks who don't want the military gutted and from the Congressional Black Caucus, which called the deal a "sugar-coated Satan sandwich.""

    Congressional BLACK Caucus. Can you imagine the uproar that would occur if us whiteys (Michelle Obama allegedly said that) were to create a "Congressional White Caucus". ROFL!!! We'd be dragged to the doors of hell and attempts to boot us in there would ensue. We would be called supreme racists, amongst thousands of other adjectives. What is with this disparity between races? Oh, that's a quote, above, from that grouping of people about the "deal" that isn't really a deal, yet anyway, for raising the debt ceiling.

    Meanwhile, it's Monday. My right eye is draining like crazy. They call it conjunctivitis, a fancy way of saying pink eye. It looks terrible, btw, you know, a blood red eye on one side and a normal eye on the other. And how, btw, does ONE eye get infected and not both of them? I've never understood that.

    I finally called my mom after 2 weeks of not talking to her because I haven't really felt like talking to ANYONE. She said my dad used to get prostate infections. Didn't know that.

    Church. I had people that I have never met before asking me how I am doing. Apparently word gets around in that place. Well, I stuck around for about 2-1/2 hours and then left. Or was it a bit longer? I don't know, but it was a good service, if it wasn't, I surely wouldn't be there for closer to 3 hours, actually, than 2-1/2.

    Wednesday, if I go, they are starting a series on prophetic training. I have been through that kind of training, long ago, a refresher might be good. I just don't like the house - starting church at 7:00 pm on a Wednesday night is a wee bit late for me.

    Well, enough.



  3. Not only strong, but the strongest dose available at 750 milligrams! I had "acute prostatitis" - prostate infection.


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