Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday 7/14/2011


"Epic congestion" and "Carmageddon". It isn't often that you see national headlines out of the closure of a ---- freeway. But, I've been on the 405 many times, I absolutely abhor that freeway. It's in California, Los Angeles to be more specific is the area that they are shutting down a TEN mile stretch of it to tear down a bridge. Just one more reason I am very glad I do NOT live in California!

Umm, anyway. The Resolution Mine in Superior, AZ. I have been there now several times. Superior is a washed up ghost town type of thing. In it's hey-day, it was home to a lot of mine workers that worked the mine that used to be there. Pretty much the mine closed down and most of the people left. Not that it became a complete ghost town, but pretty much had that effect on it.

Of course, the democrats are resisting the land swap needed to make it happen. I have no doubts, whatsoever, that the state and federal government will regulate that mine to the nth degree and force them to make the environmental impact as light as possible. They're talking thousands of jobs.

As it is, when I go in there, I had to watch a 20 minute safety video. I could not get up on my trailer. I had to wear the full fledged safety equipment: protective glasses; hard-hat; gloves; long pants; reflective vest; steel toed shoes. The safety meeting they had to have before they even unloaded the truck took over half an hour. I'm serious: they are required to have a safety meeting in order to unload a truck and everyone, including the truck driver who is forced to have nothing to do with the unloading of it and stand there watching, has to sign off on it.

Of course, once you see a picture of the aftermath of one of those giant dump trucks having had run over a Ford F250 pickup with it's occupants inside of it, you start to get a hint why they are so safety-conscious. It was "flat as a pancake". No, they didn't show the blood and gore, I didn't WANT to see that.

Anyway, I hope the house passes the bill and likewise the senate.

The 1098 statements from one lender have already arrived via fax machine, just waiting on the other and then I can go in and get this tax business done. Have them look at 2007 taxes and make sure that everything I could get out of it has been wringed out of it and then do the 2008, 2009 and 2010 modifications. Whatever it costs to do all of that will be worth the amount of money I am going to get out of it. Again, just before the federal government closes it's doors and says "we're closed for business", I would like to get that money into my checking account!

First time in quite a while that there is nothing to do in the truck routing system here at work. I mean, it's been something like 3 weeks since the last time that happened. Makes for an incredibly long day when there is nothing to do. There IS some clean up chores to do, undoubtedly.

Anyway, work day almost here, gotta get offa here.


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