Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday 7/12/2011


Another busy day at work ahead. I may end up with some good hours this week the same as last week and the week before : )

So, I finally HEARD from Caleb (my son)! Not just Facebook or emails, but he called me yesterday. I was REALLY bummed when I saw I had missed a call from him. I tried to call him back to no avail. I left him a message and 30 minutes later, he called again.

The boy has FAR more free time than he has been letting on. I asked, he gave in. There is a good down time between when one batch of campers leave and a new batch of them come in. Like about a day and a half, or even 2 days.

So, I guess the counsellors all take off to Showlow - a town that is not actually that close, I think it's at least 60 miles away. A nice diversion, I guess, they go bowling there and do whatever else. In other words, they have their own family going up there and so they spend their free time together. No problem, just a little communication with family here and there would be nice, though I definitely say THAT to him, lol. It was just good to hear from him.

He also indicated that he wanted me to go up there and bring him home. Which is cool, I definitely would love to do that. So, he is done on August 30th and unless something changes, I will be going up there to get him. That's on a Saturday, so I don't have to take time off of work, either.

I have no idea what is going on in Quartsite, AZ. That one took me totally by surprise. Ousting the mayor and apparently in times past, arresting him? I don't quite get it, it appears there is ill workings in the town council, I would hope the State would intervene, start an investigation and find out what's going on there. Yikes!

Iran's president's "half brother" is killed. I don't know anything about the man, but if he is anything like their president, I won't be shedding any tears. In fact, from my perspective of it, that nation's president's views on things does not necessarily even come close to how at least some percentage of it's populus see things.

Tempe is turning off the cameras. AZ DPS shut them off quite a while back on the freeways and then, finally, Redflex was forced to remove the cameras altogether off the side of the road. Good riddance. Now Tempe has voted to turn the damned things off as well. The story stated that "any tickets received between now and the time the contract officially ends must still be paid". Bunk. I didn't pay the only one I ever got from a freeway camera and beat it, even if by default, I wouldn't pay another one, either. My little book I bought that shows you how to beat them has so many ways to beat them that you are likely able to get out of it without the help of a lawyer.

Where is my mind REALLY at right now? Vacation. I really do NOT want to sit home the entire time. I will undoubtedly go down and visit my dad at his new residence for a day, but that can't be the ONLY thing I do, can it? I mean, really. If it just means renting a cabin for a day or two up in the mountains, that's better than nothing. I dunno, I'm really thinking about what I can do to get out of this hot town for at least a few days without having to break the bank to do it.

With that, I must get offa here, work day has arrived.




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  3. Wednesday

    So the Army Reservist finally came clean. Yes, she lost her pickup, but she has a friend that might loan her the $1,400 it's going to take to get it out.
    She was she was "only" 2-1/2 months behind on her payments. I informed her that after 30 days, you better start thinking about them coming and getting it cause' they don't wait forever to get their money before the repo man shows up. She handed me the rest of the rent for last month and partially into this month and then dropped the bomb that I knew was coming anyway:

    "I am probably going to move back to Alabama". This will be a never-ending story as long as I am renting rooms. I hope the carpet in there isn't trashed so I don't have to go replacing carpet.

    Rey has his girlfriend back - they have broken up at least 3 times since he has moved into my house. Clue: breaking up the first time would have been enough for me, twice definitely the end. Forecast: it will happen a 4th time. Ending: I don't really care, if a person wants to torment themselves over a girl, then have at it. Just don't bring drama into my house because I will have none of it, as he and her started the last time she was in my house and they were arguing LOUDLY. I made it LOUDLY known that I don't DO that kind of s***.

    The girl is messed up, anyway. She goes between Rey and a woman that lives in Tucson. Yes, you read that right, going between a man and a woman. We're living in a strange world.

    But, messed up is that kid that was killed in New York. They said his body had been stuffed into a plastic bag, into a suitcase and into a trash can or something. That's just sick and evil. Undoubtedly it will come out that the boy was raped before he was killed. Isn't that what it always turns out to be? Some guy getting his "rocks" off and then to eliminate a witness, kill the victim. The REAL justice for a person committing such a heinous crime comes in the next life, not this one.

    If Obama and Boehner don't think that the average American doesn't see right through all this BS that is going on, they might both want to wake up and get a clue. We aren't stupid. This whole debt ceiling fiasco is nothing but political games and bantering. I'm not saying we shouldn't bring the deficit under control and do something about bringing the national debt down, but clearly, both sides of this aisle are poising for political "gain" and that's the end of this story. Vote the WHOLE lot of them out - GOP and Dems and start over.

    The work fat loss contest has begun - but neither of us at our branch have had fat content measured, so, really, it hasn't begun for me. Until the salesman who started this contest comes over here with the fat calipers to takes measurements, I am not going to go full bore with it. When he does, I intend on limiting myself at least 4 days a week to between 1,000 and 1,200 calories per day. Maybe less. I intend on pumping iron at the gym as well.

    Neither her nor there. I will be interested at what my body fat/bmi percentage is, at one point in my life, it was at 4.9%. I am nowhere near that now, admittedly, neither do I have any desire to get that skinny/lean again. Lean, yes, but I had almost no body fat on me and it just would take too much to get back down to those levels again and more, it is not necessary to get that low again to be at a healthy weight/fat ratio.

    Well, work day has arrived again. That seems to happen, 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year excepting on paid holidays and taking time off. Wonder that.




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