Friday, July 8, 2011


I have opted for the week of the 8th of August to take the entire week off, of course, that is, if it's approved. I haven't really had any vacation requests turned down, sometimes I have to change the dates.

Where to go? I dunno that I am going to GO......ANYWHERE. The thought of simply booking a flight to the other side of the country and the coming back here - for no more reason than to get the airplane trip out of it - has gained traction.

I absolutely LOVE flying and I haven't been on an airplane since my flight back from the state of Washington in - 2006 I believe it was - when I drove a truck up there for the company I was working for. I could be living in Seattle right now, making $33 per hour to drive a belly dump and getting lots of OT on top of it. The distinct reason that I would NEVER want to live in Seattle is the open faucet that is set in the sky. It RAINS and RAINS and RAINS up there.

The flight back was fabulous. I really mean that. It was daylight when we took off and going up to 35,000 feet, we passed through at least half a dozen different cloud levels. We'd get above one and find another one on top of that. It seemed like we went up forever. It was a good long flight, too. I dunno, just another world for me when I am sitting in any kind of plane, large or small, and taking in the views and listening the to the engines roaring.

I guess the cost of tickets, though, are rising now. I am also not very well convinced that I want x-rays of my body being taken and I most definitely don't want some dude groping my private parts to see if I might have a bomb concealed behind my testicles. In fact, that would be the only drawback to a flying trip. I have read too many accounts of what I consider to be abusive behavior by TSA agents groping people. I don't wonder if some of those people TRULY enjoy their jobs in being able to touch people in places that ought not to be touched, unless it's your partner, of course.

The, the trip from Washington had none of that. It was before the machines and the groping. I made the whole thing an experience and I still look back at it fondly.

The question of where, exactly, I would go also has surfaced in my mind. I mean, big cities? New York? I already live in the 5th largest city in the U.S., visiting another one doesn't have much appeal to me. A flight into some place that is full of pine crested mountains where I could go hiking for a couple of days sounds like much more fun. Or perhaps a visit to my childhood stomping grounds of Pittsburgh - though admittedly, I know no-one that lives there at this point.

Another intriguing idea originates from reading Fin's blog and all of his adventures on cruise ships. I think you probably have to schedule those things a bit further in advance than the month I have before I take my time off.

In reality? The prudent thing to do is nothing, just take another staycation. The economics of our current times are not exactly conducive towards spending money on a limited vacation. I have all kinds of ideas, but in the end, it all costs money. Perhaps I could spend a bit of money on camping equipment and take the dogs - all 400 pounds of them - up to the burnt, cool, mountains of Arizona and smell the aftermath of huge, vast areas of forests that have burned down due to human stupidity. Yeah, sounds fun.

Okay, selfishly, perhaps, I have scheduled the vacation for the week when Caleb is allegedly getting out of that camp. It could easily turn out that he will be able to get a ride home from someone at the camp, which is fine by me, but, if he needs a ride, I will certainly drive up there and get him.

Another idea that popped into my head, though, is to take a trip on the Grand Canyon Railway. I have never been on it, but I have had many, many friends tell me it is an awesome ride. My mother also went on it some years ago and said it was awesome. I just looked up pricing: $180 for round trip on the observation deck - it's elevated above the rest of the train and looks to have an outstanding view of everything. They have a sale price on packages for "couples" for a 2 night stay up at the rim, but, I don't have the other half to take up with me. Oh well.

Who knows. Enjoy life while you can enjoy, I have observed. Such as one of my tenants that just walked in and spent yet another several days in the hospital. This time, because of the meds he is on, he fell asleep at the wheel and rolled the car over. Ouch.

I'll pondering what, if anything, to do with the total of 9 days off of work. I can honestly say that staying at home and doing nothing, especially during a hot summer and not having to go out to work, has it's merits. I haven't really minded doing it the last what, 2 years in a row, I just thought maybe doing something else - preferably out of this town and away from this whole atmosphere - might be a good diversion.

Meanwhile, life at the ranch. The AC coming on and going off all day and night long. The heat outside. The "neighbors" starting trouble yet again (I haven't even gone into the police visit last night). Tenants and their issues. High electric bills. This, that and the other thing. I need a bit of relief, I do believe.


  1. there are some sites that sell or inform about open, last minute, cruises... usually un-sold or canceled cabins. But you'd need at least the 7 days for the cruise itself, though it's worth checking into. I LOVED the two cruises I took!

  2. Hi Dorrie
    I saw a few cruises online that were 4 and 5 days. I think I would want to take a week and a half off to go on a cruise. Probably won't happen this time, but I am thinking of doing something in the next year or so.

  3. Dorrie beat me to it. Consolidators have a host of low cost cruise options available for last minute sailors. But prep yourself: you have NO say over where your cabin is, and the low costs ones will not have a balcony or maybe even a window.

    However, the Mexican Riveriara is desparate for travellers, although they all continue to cut out towns (Mazatlan most recenrly) along the route. You could make the ship in one easy day of driving and cruise to Ensanada, Cabo San Lucas and maybe Acapulco for I bet less than $500.

    btw, the blog software ate my comment on your cop caper.

  4. I really wouldn't care where my cabin is for a first cruise, it would be a learning experience and hanging out on the deck would be my favorite option, anyway. I don't know about Mexico, there is a reason the State Department is putting out all of those advisories - and one of the reasons I recently armed myself. Okay, I don't really fear a bunch of illegals are going to bust into my house, but in the wild, wild west, home of the Okay Corral, I have always wanted to have something available if the situation ever got there.
    I don't know about this cop stuff. It's a bit much.


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