Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cash Only, Please

I walk into the pawn shop to get my gun that I won on the Auction Arms auction. This particular gun shop sells all of it's guns on Auction Arms and starts all bidding at 1 penny with no reserve. So, this guy at the counter asks me if I have cash to pay for the gun today? No, I have a credit card. Well, he replies, this gun is a cash-only deal because it came from another store. Made no sense to me, whatsoever, since the "other" store is one of THEIR stores. I grumbled a bit on that one because the answer was unsatisfactory, it did not explain why I could not pay with credit or debit.

Off to the bank I go. At least it was only 2 miles away. Back to the store - where it took forever. You have to fill out a form and then they have to do the background check. I don't know, but it didn't take NEAR that long when I bought the 12 gauge shotgun to get the background check done - like a few minutes and it was over with.

I promised myself that if I got a handgun, I would take the CCW permit course and learn a bit more about guns than what I know. The shotgun is a home use only thing, I ain't carrying that thing around anywhere except I will probably stow it in the trunk of my car if I ever go camping. Nothing wrong with having a bit of firepower available in case - bear/mountain lion/whatever. I have to say that when I used to go hiking into the thick forests, I really wished I would have had a handgun available. This gun is pretty light, lighter than I expected. Anyway, there is a shooting range not too terribly far away that gives all kinds of gun courses.

I didn't buy ammo for the handgun yet - hopefully Walmart has what I need. It came with 2 magazines and came in it's original carrying case, along with manuals and a gun lock.

Well, anyway. My eyes are itching like crazy - not just the infected one but both of them. It's rather miserable because it won't stop. My infected eye looks no better after 2 days of antibiotics than it did on Sunday afternoon. People do a double take, every time. I look at them, say at a vendor to pick up pipe or whatever, they look up at me, look down and then shoot their head/gaze right back and my right eye. I feel like a circus clown.

Interlude. My mom. She is such a wonderful person. We have had our disagreements, but nothing that ever kept us apart from communicating with each other for too long. She sent me a very nice card (just opened it a few minutes ago) for getting well. I unabashedly say to the whole world that I love my mom, she is a great person and has such a beautiful heart.

That's it for now.



  1. Wednesday
    If one is eye infected, why not go for 2 for the same money? My eyes are itching. REALLY itching, it's hard to keep my fingers off of them. I would have expected the antibiotics to have at least started to do the job of healing it by now, but my right eye is still blood red and the left eye isn't far behind it.

    People are going to think I have been smoking pot!

    I was standing at the M-Power machine yesterday, waiting for a character to finish. I was watching him shoving singles/dollar bills into the machine. He was covered with sweat. I think he put 4 bills in there, enough electricity to do what? Have a hot shower? Before he was finished, he looked up at me, eyes as bloodshot as mine, though I suspect for completely different reason. I felt it coming: can you spare some money?

    He had that look and there was no other reason for the guy to be looking at me. He scratched his head and apparently decided it wasn't worth it, finished the $4 transaction and left.

    I see that scenario over and over again at those machines, people putting barely enough on the card to last them the rest of the day. Nothing grandiose about any of it, I just watch with interest and wonder what kind of financial chaos those people are facing if they can't even afford to put on more than a day's worth of money for their power. I have had thoughts on numerous occasions to go back to getting a regular, monthly bill, but I think I am more happy to pay it in advance and not have to worry about a huge bill coming.

    Caleb apparently is happy enough driving around that old car. Better than nothing and the AC works, plus it gets about 22 mpg in the city. Not bad for an old, full sized car.

    Non-paying tenants. The Army reservist is going to have to go, I guess, unless she can come up with a full month's rent, because it's starting to get well beyond anything I want to tolerate. She only works at the reserve and that doesn't pay that much from what I know. She has no vehicle and I don't have any idea whether she's looking for a job or not.

    Well I am getting off early, I have an email in my company account asking me to get to work as soon as I come in. I'm not really feeling all that great this morning, I decided to drink my coffee for a few minutes first before logging on to the clock and getting start, which is exactly what I did. Church tonight, hopefully I will have enough energy to go and get in on that prophetic training/activation.



  2. Guns are an unfortunate necessity. I have a shotgun for sport. A CCW is the only way to fly. You could take a tactical course or two, it certainly wouldn't hurt...

  3. Yeah, there's a place that has all kinds of training, whatever you want or need they offer it. I am going for the CCW and probably a few other classes as well. I don't really know how to take the things apart to clean them and lubricate them and then put it back together - though this gun came with a manual with pictures! lol.


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