Tuesday, August 23, 2011

DOT Medical

Concentra Urgent Care centers is the facility my company chooses to use to get the 2 year DOT medical done for it's drivers. Before Concentra got into the urgent care business, it used to be pretty good, too. Commercial drivers were a lot of their business in getting the physical and also getting drug tested. If there were people waiting to do anything else, drivers got priority.

Not anymore. Now, you are just another patient to them. I went into the one I usually go to for my renewal and found the entire waiting area FILLED with people waiting. There was at least 30 people in there. I went to the front desk and was told it would be at least an hour until I got in. That meant to me up to 2 hours, in reality, to get a doc to see me and administer this testing. I said no thanks and left.

I went to another Concentra which is also on way home from work. It, too, was filled with people. I was told 2-1/2 to 3 hours before I would be out of there. 3 hours for a 10 minute re-certification. I asked if there were any times that were better. She wouldn't answer the question, only stated that it's an urgent care center and that wait times vary. Great. I left that one, too.

Meanwhile, the urgent care I was using when I had the infections has little wait time. They do DOT re-certs and I am going to ask my company if I can use them, instead. I have no idea if it will, but I am going to try. That or just start calling all of them in the Phoenix area. If, by the end of the week, I haven't gotten it done, I will just have to bite the bullet and play the ridiculous waiting game. Concentras are ALWAYS too full of people compared to other urgent care centers. That's because many companies still use them for the DOT and drug testing, while at the same time, you have people filing in for urgent care issues.

The ex-tenant/Army reservist left her room in a shambles as bad as that other guy that just recently left. 4 large - large as in those giant leaf bags for outdoor use - filled with nothing but TRASH. Some kind of black substance all over the queen mattress. I think it might be eyelash junk, whatever it's called. Oh, eyeliner, that's it. I just tried to friend her on Facebook - she doesn't even accept messages from strangers. If that doesn't work, I know where her family lives and I will be calling them. The idea that she could leave a room like that and think it's acceptable is totally messed up. Mark - trailer tenant - spent however much time cleaning up in there today and is now, currently vacuuming the floor. Umm, anyway, that room should be finished tomorrow and hopefully the guy that said he wanted to move in - will.

That guy had an older SUV, but it was clean and in good condition. He was dressed up in nice clothing when he came over to look. So, just hoping that if he does move in, he is what he looks like he is and is - clean or at least some semblance to it.

Heat. I have been having to water the plants every day now. That is - I unfortunately have been having to water the plants every day. Water bills are excessive, but they wouldn't be so freakin' bad if the City of Phoenix didn't keep voting to raise the water rates by 5% whenever they decide to - give their employees a pay raise. This union stuff - all around the nation - is REALLY starting to get to me. Talk about a sense of entitlement. All these unions complaining because their employees are asking them to pay SOMETHING towards their own health coverage!

Anyway, my ads on Craigslist are running dry for renting the other room. No real replies in a couple of days, at least. I do not want to lower the price, so I am going to continue running that ad at the same price and hope someone gets interested.

That's it, for now.


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