Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saturday 8/13/2011

I had this wild hair of an idea to get up, get in the car and drive up to the mountains and visit my mom today out of the blue. I would call her first, of course, to make sure she was available. Then I remembered: the trailer is supposed to be moved over here today. Probably not until later this afternoon, but I can't really go anywhere until that is done, meaning a trip anywhere but to a store isn't going to happen today.

I am going to call them a little later - it's not even 7:00 am yet - and see if it's going to happen today or not. I woke up relatively early today - 4:45am, about 25 minutes later than I normally wake up for work. The flip side of that story is that I went to bed at 8:30 pm last night and I slept pretty darn well if I do say so myself. No sense laying around in bed all day long when you are as rested as you are going to get for one night's sleep.

I told Caleb last night that I am off for the next 9 days. He mentioned the trip I had thought about taking to go deep sea fishing. I'm kinda iffy on anything right now. The economy isn't looking too good and spending that kind of money on something that is only designed for an "experience of the moment" type of thing may not be advisable. I mean, a day and a half trip is about $275. It does include food and snacks, though. However, I would also have to drive to San Diego to do it, incurring the fuel costs. My car gets about 30 mpg on the highway. Probably could get better but I tend to be a lead foot when on a long drive - get it over with as fast as possible. 355 miles - less than 5 hours.

I could go on a shorter 3/4 day trip, or all day trip and it would cost less, dunno. Long drive for just a day's fun, I think. I am guessing Caleb wants to go - I had asked him quite a while back about it. I didn't know he had remembered that I had said anything about it, it was a "fleeting" comment that I didn't dwell on too long. The thing is, these trips are pretty much available at the last minute. The site I found for a company that does such shows how many open spots are left and if it is a "definite go" or not. The boats mostly leave a night - I guess leave port at night and arrive early wherever on the deep blue sea to start your fishing adventure. They also post how many fish each boat has reeled in on any given day AND what types of fish and quantities caught of each type.

Right now? Tuna. All boats going on the shorter cruises are bringing in heaps of Tuna, actually catching the limit.

Anyway, I dunno. I wouldn't mind, though going on a day expedition and then staying overnight and then checking out Sea World. Haven't been there in decades. I think I was 12 years old last time I was there. That was ......... a while back, lol.

Obama. This guy doesn't quit, does he? Now he's trying to make himself look good by standing on the side of the American public looking at Congress as if he is somehow removed from the whole situation. Sorry, Charlie, but YOU are the reason those politicians aren't getting anything done. If you could show a SPECK of leadership and actually get the sides to talking and coming together, perhaps something would get done. Obama obviously wasn't prepared for the post-November election days of no free-for-all, do-whatever-you-want because the Oval Office, The House and The Senate were all dominated by Democrats. Remember that GOP was totally snubbed when the Dems/Pelosi/Reid/Obama were forcing the health care bill through. They wouldn't even give GOP an opportunity to present their side.

Instead, it was closed-door meetings and a bunch of posturing and smirking from Pelosi. Whatta piece of work that woman is. Now, another judge has ruled a portion of Obamacare unconstitutional - forcing Americans to buy health care. That is a major setback for that bill - if everyone can't be forced into buying it, it isn't going to work. Anyway, Obama's approval ratings are quite low as well. No-one is coming out of this looking good, that's a fact.

Not getting a lot of response to my room rental ads. A few here and there, but nothing to get excited about. Going to just keep running ads until I get someone in here - hopefully sometime soon.

Anyway, I have junk to do around the house and it isn't getting any earlier, like to get it done and behind me.



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