Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday 8/4/2011

Church last night. Prophetic training. Totally out of that realm, I plan on getting my mind, soul and heart back into it. I haven't engaged in such in well over 7 years and it was like starting over. But it was cool.

Rained cats and dogs last night, but mostly dogs, thankfully, as I don't really like cats. More to the point, I won't have to water my plants for a while as the ground is saturated, a good thing.

I have had a couple of replies to my most recent ad for a travel trailer or RV in "decent" condition. Meaning everything works. If the carpet is trashed, no problem, but the propane lines and water lines should be in tact and the holding tanks should be without leaks, amongst other things. Oh, and definitely the electricity should work throughout the trailer. One lady had hers listed at $1,300 in fair condition (which, if it really IS in fair condition, it would work). She then contacted me and offered it for $1,000.00. I rejected that offer and offered $700 plus free delivery, of which she accepted.

But I haven't even seen the thing yet, so I am not committing to buying it until I do. If it IS in okay condition, I could sell the other one for $500 and only be out $200 on the deal.

The other offer was for an "older RV", of which I have not contacted the individual yet because.......I got that email this morning and it isn't even 6:00 am yet! Lol, I don't go calling people this early in the morning excepting contractors to whom I am making deliveries because, at this time of year, they are already on the job site, working away and trying to get as much done before the afternoon heat hits.

Oh, Caleb: he produced a rap and it's posted on his Facebook page. Crazy kid. This rap, however, isn't about killing people, taking and selling drugs and having sex with everyone you see, it's actually about God. I dunno, it was pretty cool, actually. He had a friend in the video with him who was - smiling too much. Sorry, you don't really smile much doing rap, even if it IS about God.

I figured out the S&W40VE - my new 40 caliber handgun. As I said before, I am new to the world of guns. I have fired some off before, but I didn't load or unload them, just fired them and gave them back to their owners. I sat there and played with the thing - unloaded of course - until I got the hang of it. Not that much to it, but now I have to figure out how to take it apart, clean it, lubricate it and put it back together again.

I was thinking just follow the manual's instructions, which I might try, but I might also just take a course in it. Who knows. I bought some kind of ammo that is for use for target practice - I have no idea what the difference between that ammo and the "personal protection" version is, but I want to take thing to a shooting range and fire off a couple dozen rounds to get used to it, that and my 12 gauge shotgun while I'm at it.

I'm done. Time to get on the clock and get to work.



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