Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday 8/2/2011


So, I just got done reading a rather dramatic story about something that happened to Caleb while up at the camp in the moutains. Most people do not believe in such encounters with the Lord, so I don't even know if I will share it, but it was incredible to say the least. What I will say is that I expect to see him do things other than what he originally planned to do with his life, simply because the hand of the Lord is upon him. It certainly wouldn't surprise me if he ended being an evangelist or a pastor of some sort.

Anyway, this so-called debt deal? I like Putin's take on it:
"The country is living in debt. It is not living within its means, shifting the weight of responsibility on other countries and in a way acting as a parasite,"

I am not really dwelling on this situation at this point, it's gone on every day in the news for weeks now and it is growing really, really old.

My right eye is no better today than it was yesterday, even with the use of the antibiotic drops. If it isn't better by Friday, off to the doctor yet again.

I won the auction yesterday, I will be heading to that store on the way home today to get it: a Smith and Wesson 40VE.

Argument yesterday that erupted into anger and yelling. No, I wasn't involved with it until I was dragged into it which is when I asked both parties to settle down. The situation has been evolving. It's the Chihuahua. I asked them - the trailer tenants - to train the dog. I told them before I even gave them the dog that it would be prone to barking at everyone and that they would have to train it not to do so.

Well, they haven't even tried to train it. The dog barks at everyone that walks into the house if it's outside and yes, it's getting old. The kid tenant was talking to Lynnette about it last night, he was calling the dog a piece of s***, she was saying it was not and then eluded that the "dog is a good judge of character", intoning that Mario, the kid tenant, is a bad person.

I don't know how she thought he was going to respond to it. I mean, if you are going to say something like to a person, expect to get an earful right back, which is exactly what happened. When the yelling starting between the two - in my kitchen - that's when I put a stop to it.

Mario then asked me what I thought about that dog doing that stuff to everyone. So, I did address Lynnette - not in anger - but in a calm way. I started in on pack mentality - which she clearly wasn't receiving, shaking her head no as if the pack mentality doesn't exist. Well, I have done the research, I have read a LOT of material from a LOT of different dog experts and there is one constant with all of them: dogs operate in packs and humans in a household - all of them - should be considered as pack leaders.

I wasn't taking her denial of my statements lightly, either. After going through all of it, she gave me a funny look and asked me: what WHAT are we supposed to do? At the very least, immediately get up and grab the dog when it is showing that aggressive behavior and tell it NO! in a very loud voice and let it know that that behavior is unacceptable.

This didn't really go over too well with her and she got up and walked out. This isn't the end of this, however, now that it's started, I am going to follow through with it. The dog will be trained or I will find a new owner for it. Period.

Done, time's up gotta get to work.



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So true about Chihuahuas!

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