Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday 8/10/2011


So, I get on the computer at home this morning, check Facebook and here is another message from Rey, the ex-slob-tenant. He informs me is "god", screwed my mother all night long and that "I am coming up to Phoenix in 2 weeks, we need to put on some boxing gloves you need to be respecting me" and other BS that isn't really worth going into.

The problem Rey is having in this situation is that one of his best friends - she went to high school with him and has known him all his life - also likes me. Not in a sexual way, just that Rey brought her to my house when he was in the alleged car accident for her to help him. We hit it right off. So, Rey calls her up and she is giving him an earful, more than just one ration of stuff, telling him to pay me the rent he owes me.

Meanwhile, Rey is claiming his ex-wife came over and left the money on my table, which is a large load of donkey-dung. My continual question is: please send me her phone number so I can call her and ask her.

I have no idea what is going on with the Tucson police, whether they contacted the Phoenix police, no clue and not going to lose any sleep over it. The point, however, of all of this is that Rey is talking a big talk, but clearly he is nervous. I mentioned the fact that he is a drug addict (addicted to Percosett or anything similar drug he can get his hands on) and he sells them, apparently, to people he knows in Tucson that use them to get high with.

I did write him back this morning and ended my statements to him with that fact that he is lost, has no peace, needs God.

Meanwhile, I continue to write ads for the room and continue to get - not that much response. But, I have been through this before, it's only a matter of time before someone shows up to look at it.

I get on the news and the top story is Wisconsin - again. This time the end result of the recall efforts the dems tried against the GOP in their attempt to oust 4 of them. None of them were ousted. That would seem to put those union workers in the minority. It would also seem to speak, to me anyway, the tone of the country. The only thing the dems can regurgitate over and over is to "increase revenue", ie: more taxes. We don't WANT to be taxed more, I do believe at least some of us would like to see the tax rate go DOWN, not ever upward.

Yesterday, I checked my 401k account, my stock was down about a grand. This morning? Back up $500. Weird stuff.

Ummm, that's it for now. I pulled a HUGE order yesterday to deliver this morning. Not quite finished with it, but it's about $110,000.00 worth of material. That's a LOT of product. The semi is almost totally full and WILL be once I get through with loading the rest of it on. Nice to have a good load going out - we haven't had an order this big since the crash in 2008.



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