Monday, October 10, 2011

The 350 Pound Man

...............was standing outside, in front of his house again this morning. I didn't even notice him until I felt the eyes on me. It's one of those involuntary things where you don't even know what's happening, you just start looking around. There he was, standing in front of his house, arms folded, glaring at me. I did not have time for his games nor did I want to partake, I got in my car and left for work. When I am out the door and getting into my car to leave for work, it's a time factor, I have to leave and I have to leave now, not 10 minutes after some sort of verbal altercation that I don't want to get into, anyway.

Later, I was speaking with Lynnette on the phone. Mark had come out of my house after taking a shower through the back door, looked up and saw him standing there. He was in my other neighbor's back yard at the part where the ground is elevated so high that you can stand on it and look over the 6 foot fence. He was peeking into my back yard. That just FUMED me, this guy is a piece of work.

So, when I came home from work today, I find an extension cord running across the street from his house to his lot. I called the city Developmental services this time, a clear code violation - it wasn't even covered up to help protect it - that will be going by the wayside, though I doubt they are going to send someone out today, who knows. In reality, it is definitely a hazard with all the kids running up and down the street here.

Onto other things. I have had 2 offers on a trailer on payments now. One I spoke about yesterday, the other is not a trailer. It is a Class A RV, 1987 vintage, 38 foot Chevy Mallard. The man claims it is in excellent condition and that everything works. Certainly, the pics make it look good - though it is a very long thing. I am not sure my mom wants something that big on her property, I would have to ask about that first.

Mom told me a bit ago - yes, another interlude in writing one of my blog entries, happens frequently - that she doesn't care how big the thing is. Her only condition is that I get along with her neighbors. I don't know her neighbors, though the last time I was up there, the guy was on a Bobcat, plowing down brush and making a lot of noise. She claims it doesn't happen that much, even when they are up there. I dunno. I simly replied I would either get along with him or I would completely ignore him. If neighbors are idiots, I just don't want to talk to them at all. Especially if they are obnoxious, arrogant, crass and mouth people such as the 350 pound man is. I don't get that those people are like that, though, after watching them, just that they make a lot of noise when that thing is operating.

I also brought up the subject of whether my middle brother would get "jealous" and if he wanted to put something up there? This is the way he operates. It's a big contest to him, if one brother does something, he must one-up them. I could care less, to be quite honest about it - he can one-up me all he wants. I just don't want problems. She clearly had not given that any thought, it had not entered her mind. She got a bit uppity about it - I just said I was bringing it up so she could have an opportunity to THINK about it in case it occurs.

The second newest tenant just brought what appears to be his girlfriend through here. Whatever. Some people tell their tenants they can't have anyone in the house, especially girl/boyfriends. I care, I don't necessarily agree with such arrangements, but I don't say anything as long as it doesn't disrupt anything else in the house. People's peace, for one thing. The girl was terrified of the dogs. Lol.




Anonymous said...

I find yer Mom's concerns about her neighbors to be very interesting. Does she read this blog, perchance?


BenB said...

No, she doesn't even know about this blog. I have talked to her at length with the situation with neighbors. Interestingly enough, she has the same problems with neighbors at both of her properties. She takes a bit different approach to dealing with it. The reason she said I would have to get along with the neighbor up there is because she was commenting on how unpleasant it is to have to listen to all of that noise from that machine of theirs and we got into a discussion about it. I actually try to get along with my neighbors - I have tried for several years with the ones that want to live in filth and squalor. I don't like it but if they are neighborly I give it a pass. That was the case with the guy with 2 lots behind me - both of his properties have some many code violations that I could cause him a heap of trouble if I wanted to. He has listened to 350 pound man about the cats, now, however and has turned against me. That because he is the individual that feeds both feral and stray cats and has been for years. His actions continue to attract more and more of these cats to the area because of his action of feeding all of them. They think it unreasonable that I don't want their cats on my property. I actually wouldn't care if those cats weren't destroying the plants that I spent so much time planting and pooping and spraying everywhere.

I have an absolutely horrible headache. But I'll get to that in  a moment. After discussing today with "people in the know", ...