Tuesday, October 4, 2011


..........one were to ponder the issues of life long enough, one would start getting one's self depressed. Or so I imagine. Instead, I tend to linger on the goals I have set for myself.......and the Lord.

So my current goal, which is probably going to take a while to realize, is to get another travel trailer. I know, I have already discussed this a bit on this blog. Oh well. It's on my mind is all I can say.

The only thing that would really set this off is another recession. The talk about another recession in 2012 is growing and and growing amongst the so-called experts. Are they really experts? I dunno, but they are out there, they are in the news and they are talking. A recession would mean that any savings I have would be clung to like glue on paper.

If you listen to the experts that are really on the extreme end of things, you'd better prepare yourself to fend for yourself. Food will be extremely expensive and not that much of it around. People will be getting desperate and will be contemplating doing things - think: crime - that they otherwise never would have thought of before. Get yourself armed, get yourself a big garden growing and get your food reserves stocked up.

Hmmm, well I did get the guns, but not because of these statements. I don't have a lot of food stocked up right now, I have let that supply dwindle down. I mean, I have a month and a half or so worth, not as much as I had before and I sorta stopped collecting it. Lots of things I COULD do, but are they prudent and necessary? I have no clue. My company seems to believe they are girded up for any looming recession. It released several videos as of this morning about last year's performance, the numbers, 2012 and yes, answering questions about a potential, looming recession.

It's nice to know that the leadership in the company you work for has confidence that they are sitting tight and pretty and ready for whatever may come. In the product my company sells, there are certain entities that will not stop buying the stuff, namely municipalities (cities). If they stop buying, then we are in serious trouble. A city that isn't repairing or replacing broken fire hydrants is probably a city that is - bankrupt, actually. Other markets, though, could definitely dry up.

I dunno.

I'm just going to keep saving for this other travel trailer and if it happens, it happens, if it doesn't, not the end of the world. Still a nice goal to have and hopefully see happen by Spring.

I would love to say where this property is, you could see it from a treetop view of it, but there is no way I am posting where my 76 year old mother lives, alone with her doggie, up in the mountains, on the world wide web. Well, the people that have the property next to her are actually there quite a bit now, appearing out of nowhere after many years of not seeing anyone there. In fact, the property next to THAT the guy also showed up, built a house and walaah. But that would not mitigate the stupidity of my posting, basically, her address on here. Just that it's such a beautiful area. So I won't : )

Whatever. The house demolition started - legally I am assuming - across the street today. It's a 1-man operation. I know this guy that is doing it from when I first moved into this neighborhood. He described himself as a "1-man tool of destruction" in reference to his ability to tear things down. I will give him credit, he is good at that. He is NOT good at any kind of construction, but demolition? He's got that one nailed. The guy that threatened to kill me that bought the property - is over there watching his every move. Oh, btw, the guy that is tearing down the house? Also a meth user. I know this for a fact, not from hearsay.

That guy was looking at me when I was approaching my house from work today - the man with the threats - I will call him fat man from this point forth since he's somewhere around the 350 pound range - no diss on obese people, but this guy deserves the title - I looked right back at him. Again, they apparently think they can stare me down and I will slither away like a snake and never be seen again. I got out of my car and completely ignored him, however, turning my back to the entire scene over there.

At the point of destruction the house is at - a person could actually stop and do a nice rebuild on it. Fat man won't do that, of course, but if it were mine and considering my financial situation - fat man's mother pays for everything as fat man has nothing in and of himself - I would halt the demo operation and start a construction operation. Leave the frame of the house intact and put up "new" walls inside and out. Replace the 4X8 flooring, redo the entire house, on a budget. Quite possible to do a good job of it and keep the costs down when considering people that are remodeling their homes are always wanting to sell off, cheap, that which they are getting rid of.

Neither here nor there, I suppose, but it's a thought I had already had before this guy got that place.

It dawned on me today that I could be listening to the Bible while driving the semi - if I had the Bible on ............ cassette tape. What has cassette tape players anymore? 2006 International 8600 semi tractors, for one. That truck isn't being turned in for 2 years. Anything new nowadays is going to have a CD player in it. I'm interested, at this point, in filling my head with the Word, not a bunch of other junk if at all possible.

It poured rain here about 1/2 an hour ago. For about 30 seconds. That was it. I mean, it was a downpour - for 30, whole seconds. Feels like a cruel joke, really.

I have nothing else, at least that I feel like going into.


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