Thursday, October 27, 2011


I came home from work awhile ago and felt them.
Eyes. I gotta say it must just be something we are all born with or something, the "ability" to feel eyes staring/looking at you.

Usually, I look straight up in the direction of where those eyes are staring at me from - involuntarily - and today was no different. 350 man staring at me out of his window. Dunno, don't care. Didn't even bother to look if he had started on finishing that fencing project - though I do care about that.

Long interlude. I went out front to continue with my landscaping project and one of my tenants was out there doing his rodeo stuff with his ropes. No, he actually DOES rodeo - like riding bulls and all of that stuff. We got into a conversation after he was done - interesting person. 350 man was out front of his house, talking on the phone, sitting on a chair, throwing his hands all over the place. Fuming about something. I won't take credit for all of his fuming: this guy fumes about anything and everything.

But who cares. I spent quite a while out there working away, the kid that wants to walk the dogs came over again and took Coco for about a 20 minute run. She was worn out by the time he got back, I gave him a couple of bucks.

I'm loving this weather and yes, I will say it again, probably will be saying it for a while as long as it continues: the absolute peace I have not having to hear these idiots mouthing off to me. Look, this started over cats. Even if I was a cat lover, I would still have the same stance against these people taking on all these FERAL and STRAY cats, adding and adding to this "colony" of their's.


My son shows up. I never know when he's going to be here or not. More often than not, yes, but it isn't a regular schedule anymore like it used to be. Not that that bothers me, not at all, he is living his life and he is definitely motivated and I believe: going places in the Lord with his life. He's changed his desire for what he wants to do once again. Now, he wants to be a police officer. He tells me there is a LOT he wants to talk to me about and that he would like to do a coffee after church on Sunday. No, I said, let's do lunch, if you want coffee with lunch, great! I'm loving church at this point, even if I don't really know anyone there excepting getting to know the pastors, it's pretty cool to be back in it again. I have a ways to go - spiritually speaking - but it's all good. So, lunch date after church it is.


Texas Rangers v Cardinals. I'm watching the game. 3rd baseman for Cardinals dropped a popup. I can see a 12 year old Little League-er dropping a popup, I don't see a man that is undoubtedly making millions of dollars a year as a professional baseball player in THE most important game of the year - at least for his team - fouling up a routine play. If the Rangers win tonight, I can guarantee that tomorrow? The sports shows; sports pages; sports this and that people will be all over this guy for "losing the game" or being a "pivotal point" in the game's demise for the Cardinals. Lol. That's because the next batter up hit a TRIPLE and batted the runner at 1st - that shouldn't have been there - in.


I can't believe it's already the end of Thursday. Wow! These weeks have been flying by!! It's always nice that a week flies by as fast as the weekend.

And finally.
My son said he sat down with my ex-pastor - very long story, unbelievably long story - and apparently he wants to reconnect with me. We were best friends for around a decade. When my ex and I were getting divorced, he shunned me as pastor and as a friend. I will say that if anything ever becomes of it, it would never be the same as it once was. I have been writing, here and there, things about the Lord on my Facebook wall, apparently that has gained the attention of quite a number of people who have found my blog - through various sources.

I reassured - or tried to - that I know he is very good friends with that entire family and I have nothing against that. But, it obviously didn't sit too well with him my reply: I am not ready for that. Never say never, but I am definitely not there. I am figuring that this rendevouz with my son wherever is going to be a lengthy conversation from both sides about things present, past and future.

Oops, back to the baseball game: game is tied on walk. Bases loaded, 1 out, walk ties up the game. I'm sort of rooting for the Rangers but am no fan of either team.

Well, that's it.


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