Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday 10/4/2011

Gag, it's only Tuesday. I need another weekend to get here to rest and recover.
Pipe dream at this point, especially considering today's workload is going to be incredibly intense.
Last night, I set the trap and knew I would catch something. Sure enough, there is one sitting in it right now, waiting to be taken to a new home.
Wherever that is.
Meanwhile, the house they started tearing down across the street?
That work has been stopped since I called the police on Sunday.
I am guessing the REAL owner has to go down and apply for the permit, which would be the guy's mother. That guy goes around saying how he buys this, that and the other thing, when everyone knows he buys nothing, his mother is paying for his life.
At this point, they can finish the job, though I am guessing the city got involved yesterday since I also filed with them on Sunday and is demanding they get the proper permit, read: pay the fee, to be able to do the demo work on the property.

I woke up several times last night, coughing. Though the steroids are definitely doing a nice job of keeping me feeling better than I would without them, the cough medicine still has to be used. I have no idea how I feel today, it's too early and I am still half asleep. The only thing I do know is that I am extremely tired.

And with that statement, I am offa here.



Dorrie said...

aren't you afraid of those people taking revenge on you? I sure would be! If I was you I'd sell the house for whatever I could get for it and move away, even taking a longer drive to work if necessary. ANYTHING would be better then staying in that neighborhood!

BenB said...

I've had my thoughts about it, but I have lived in a sort of stranglehold by these people for some time now, mainly with their cats but also with their cockiness and mouthiness. I simply won't stand it any longer. I attempted to be cordial with these people for a long, long time. I think it not good to be forced out of a neighborhood by 2 losers. I think it time to fight back, frankly. I don't know what kind of revenge they could get, I'm sure they could conjure up something, but if it's illegal, they better be good at whatever it is because the police will be involved. I doubt the ex-con wants to go back to prison, he has a rap sheet that will get him thrown right back into the can if he gets into trouble again, so probably count him out for doing anything himself. However, his statements were that he was going to have his friends do his dirty work for him. So who knows. The other guy lives with his parents, who are not drug users and probably aren't going to tolerate him breaking the law to "get back" at me. I am no long hopeful that these people will just let it go, so I am definitely going to try to get the restraining order against one of them. Their animals crapping and pissing on my yard? They will begin to disappear out of the neighborhood. The only thing the police said to me ill about it is that I can't harm them or kill them, which I wouldn't do anyway, and if it has a name tag on it then I can't haul it off somewhere. I haven't seen a single cat in this neighborhood with a collar, much less a name tag.

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