Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday 11/17/2011

For a couple of months now, I have been watching construction workers slowly putting together a massive crane that they are going to use at an Intel plant.  They are busy building more fabrication plants.  Think microchips.  Intel makes a lot of money in that business.

Anyway, they finally had the thing done and up off the ground yesterday.  This thing is so large, that hauling counterweights to the job site for it is impossible, too heavy.  They, instead, take those 20 foot long shipping containers like you see on freight trains and on large ships, fill them up with sand and use that as the counter balance.  A man working at the site told me yesterday that they had 6,400 TONS of counter balance on that thing.  I can believe it, too, they have those containers stacked up on both side of that thing.

Supposedly, this machine costs 1 million per month to "rent".  They said next week they are going to start moving the items that the thing was brought in for: giant, metal trusses to be used as the plant's roof, apparently.  They are going to "evacuate the entire premises" once they get that thing to lifting.  The booms on it equal to the height of 70 stories.

Anyway, it's pretty amazing to watch this situation progress.

National concealed permit bill. Amazing it passed the House.  I never understand the concept that carrying a concealed weapon somehow makes it more likely that more crime will occur with the use of handguns.  If a person is inclined to use a gun to commit a crime, there are no amount of laws that are going to stop that person from doing so.  And as the old saying goes, if guns were outlawed, then only outlaws would have guns.

Non-paying tenant finally slipped some money under my door yesterday, while I was at work.  Umm, dangerous thing to do, even if I keep my bedroom door locked when not here.  I had a bit of a problem watching his lifestyle while not paying me rent.  I guess I don't care as long as he gets caught up, which may take a while.  Everyone here - at least at the moment - has a job/income.

Dunno what to do about Mark and Lynnette, though Lynnette was hinting at them buying that trailer on payments.  I would consider doing that, but, I don't know how they would be able to afford paying much of anything on it.  In other words, they would be permanently leaving.  Anyway, I haven't heard from the city inspector about the situation, though that doesn't mean she isn't going to call, I'm sort of dragging this out as long as I can get away with it.  But, I pretty much had in mind that I would have to move that trailer at the end of this month, which is approaching faster than I would like to see it.  Oh well.  They have found a place they would like to have it moved to and apparently think that they can afford the lot rent at.

Whatever. Life and the problems it poses.



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