Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!!! 1/1/2011

I was going to get up last night and ring in the New Year with a glass of champagne and maybe honk the car horn - but -  the alarm didn't go off and I slept right through it.
Oh well, no great loss, but it is a tradition for me.
Anyway, Happy New Years to everyone and may you have a prosperous, healthy and joyful year!

Frost damage.
I covered up all my plants 2 days ago for the impending cold nights.
Friday morning the plants all survived without any damage.
Today? Not so lucky.  Yes, I left everything covered but the still exposed stuff
was damaged.  I would have to have hundreds of sheets, literally, to cover up EVERYTHING.
Anyway, I think there is yet another freeze warning for tonight, so, all sheets and blankets are
staying on the plants for another day and night.


The ponds are faring better than the plants.  Mainly because I have 2 heaters going in each of them.
The fish look healthy and are swimming around, so I'm hoping there isn't any ill effect going there.  The
temps in both of them as of yesterday evening was 55 degrees, up 5 degrees from the time I plugged all
the heaters back in.  I haven't checked today, but no reason to expect that it's any lower, hopefully up to 60.

Army Reservist has been gone quite a while now- but not unexpected.  I believe she said she was coming back on the 3rd or the 4th, no worries there.
Newest tenant is a day sleeper.  Well, morning to early afternoon sleeper anyway.  No problem when I'm at work, apparently a problem on weekends.  Cause', I'm home and in the middle of broad daylight, I do activities concurrent with the time of day.

So, just watching TV this morning he came out and said the TV noise had awakened him.  Funny, cause' that thing is in the living room and WELL away from the hallway or his room.  I turned it down a bit, but he came back out again.  I gave him a set of earplugs and haven't heard from him since.  I also suggested a box fan for white noise, that will be up to him whether he gets one or not, they aren't expensive and will help us all out quite a lot. I do not make a lot of noise in the  house, anyway, but I don't really want to have to feel hindered in my own home on weekends.  Always a middle ground to be found somewhere.

Decatur, Alabama. Got there last night - decided I didn't have enough hours to offload - about an hour and 15 minutes on the clock, tak...