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Pretty eiree stuff. A Philippino councilman is taking a photograph of his family on New Year's eve. In the photo, you can see a man behind them to their right with a gun pointed at the councilman's head, who is taking the photo. The man shoots the councilman seconds later and the councilman dies.

It was looking into the eyes of the killer that was the spooky stuff. Never seen a pic like that before.

Anyway, yesterday was my 5-year anniversary with my company. So, my company gives me 13,000 perk points. Sounds like a lot, right? Lol, well, you can't buy a whole lot with it. They have their own, online catalog, it's huge. I was going through it, couldn't find anything I would want, even lower priced stuff still wasn't accessible with the money.

The thought struck my mind, I wonder if they have any hummingbird feeders? I was going to get another one anyway, maybe I can get one for free. Amazingly enough, they had 8 different feeders listed in there and I…