Wednesday, January 5, 2011



Pretty eiree stuff. A Philippino councilman is taking a photograph of his family on New Year's eve. In the photo, you can see a man behind them to their right with a gun pointed at the councilman's head, who is taking the photo. The man shoots the councilman seconds later and the councilman dies.

It was looking into the eyes of the killer that was the spooky stuff. Never seen a pic like that before.

Anyway, yesterday was my 5-year anniversary with my company. So, my company gives me 13,000 perk points. Sounds like a lot, right? Lol, well, you can't buy a whole lot with it. They have their own, online catalog, it's huge. I was going through it, couldn't find anything I would want, even lower priced stuff still wasn't accessible with the money.

The thought struck my mind, I wonder if they have any hummingbird feeders? I was going to get another one anyway, maybe I can get one for free. Amazingly enough, they had 8 different feeders listed in there and I had enough points to buy the most expensive one, which is a pretty cool looking thing if I do say so myself.

No idea when it's going to arrive, but the catalog is a conundrum of products sold by all kinds of different retailers. This feeder, I found out, is coming from Sears. I haven't been in a Sears store in years. It's amazing they have survived this economy, I thought they weren't doing so well, but I guess they have managed to eek by.

Hmmmph. Well, I was a bit surprised to go into the truck routing system and find all kinds of stuff in there to do today. One order with thousands of feet worth of pipe and a couple of other, much smaller orders.

I'm kind of dreading and looking forward to the funeral tomorrow at the same time. My friend's body has been incinerated, there will just be ashes there tomorrow. As I said before, I'm not very good with death. We all die, yes, but I can fall apart at a funeral pretty easily. I've been to plenty of friend's funerals - especially when I was a teenager watching my friends die all around me. Sounds strange, doesn't it, going to friend's funerals as a teenager - those people that died being teenagers or early 20's themselves. Much of it was painted with hokey, religious junk. It had nothing to do with the real God because those people had nothing to do with the real God and quite honestly, at the time, neither did I. I count myself very fortunate that I have lived this long and that the I found the Lord, or more like it: He found me, before my appointment with death arrives. I hope that appointment isn't too terribly soon, I would like to watch my son growing up, going into his adulthood. My parents didn't help me at all at the age he is going into - perhaps I didn't deserve any help but at the same time it made life extremely difficult. I suppose that's what I needed at the time: a good kick in the ass and a boot out the door. It certainly toughened me up, I can say that for a fact. Living in the back of a station wagon and then progressing to living in various rental rooms until finally going on the mission field after giving my life to the Lord - and THAT in itself is a book's worth of experiences.

And much of what I experienced on the mission field? You wouldn't believe my stories if I told you. A normal person would brush me off and say that didn't happen and it's impossible. Ohhhh, contraire: God IS real and He is still in the miracle-making business, I've seen it time and time again.

That is what the death of anyone close to me does in me: brings out thoughts of God, eternity and where we're headed, cause, Frank and Jane, if you don't know, I can pretty much tell you and it isn't a very pleasant place. It mostly causes me to do a lot of introspection and even a realigning of my life and the direction it is headed in, which this time around? Certainly no lack of those ideas floating around in my head.

Oh, and let me throw this out there: simply because you don't believe that there is a God or a heaven and hell does not, therefore, eliminate the fact that all 3 not only exist, but as real as the air that you can't see but are breathing right now. Jesus Christ - my Lord and My savior - is knocking at the door of your heart. Let Him in, he won't hurt you, he's not a thief or a bandit coming to steal from you.

I'll get off the podium now, haven't been on one in a long time.

The work day is here. I slept very well last night, amazingly enough. I mean, I woke up once and went right back to sleep. That is not a normal thing for me, no, it is not. The newest tenant paid me in full for the entire month. He had given me $100 to start and then the rest yesterday. The Army Reservist is nowhere in sight. It's getting later and later in the month. I'm going to wait until tomorrow - strike that, tomorrow has enough for the day with that funeral - this weekend and if she doesn't show up or at least call, I'm going to have to post the dreaded notices. In this case, a notice of abandonment. I took my frozen Standing Rib Roast that I bought in November on sale out of the freezer. I figure to cook that this weekend. After that, I am going off of red meat for quite a while. Chicken and turkey will be my mainstay, which it normally is anyway, but this holiday season I went overboard with the red meat stuff and you know they say eating too much of that simply isn't good for you. It isn't a New Year's resolution, it is a lifestyle for me. Eat as healthy as possible, which is why I usually, not always but usually, eat my lunch at Subway so I can have the sandwich made to order without all the calorie laden dressings and junk put on to it. I only made one resolution this year: start working out again, which I have started at a slow pace, but never-the-less, I have started.

The stuff about the Lord cannot be a resolution, as resolutions can be easily forgotten and put onto a shelf. No, that is also a lifestyle thing, something you implement because you want to, need to and have to. It is as much a matter of life and death to me as is my beating heart.

With that, I bid you g'day.


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