Saturday, January 8, 2011


Drainage going down the back of my throat half the night last night and now?  Feeling very crappy, indeed.  Hard to breath.  Going to have to buy a "dryer" today in case it happens again tonight - meaning the stuff that helps stop that kind of drainage.  I may even have to go to an Urgent Care center to make sure this isn't going to get carried away.  Not sure about that, our health care plan just changed and I don't know which centers take this insurance.

Cooking the other Standing Rib Roast I bought in November.  Serve with baked potates, peas, salad and gravy.  That will be the end of it.  I am going to buy a lot of chicken for a while now and eat that stuff, made up whatever different kinds of way I can find to make it, besides those recipes I already know.

I dunno, I was going to write up a "normal" entry by my standards, but on second thought, I don't feel like it.  Instead, I am going to go up to the store, buy some medicine and other things I need and probably take it easy this weekend.  Combine feeling sick with the aftermath of a funeral that really has hit me a bit harder than I was at first willing to admit, some down time is in order.



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