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Sunday 1/9/2011

It wasn't shocking,exactly, that a House member was shot and almost killed not 100 miles from where I am sitting.  But it was repulsive and maddening to find out a 9 year old girl was also shot and killed in that melee, especially after reading about her life and what she was involved with.  Not that the representative's injury to her head is any less significant, it just makes it that more sickening that this "man" would take out a little kid.  I fully expect the death penalty whenever this gets to court, litigation is over and the jury gives it's verdict.

This situation has engulfed the nation's news - as should be expected.

Onto other things.  One of the large Koi jumped out of the pond last night and was found kaput this morning.  Koi are known to do that.  Why, I have no idea, but it isn't something that surprises me anymore after reading about it all over the internet and talking with people that have had their own fish jumping out.  This one was ab…