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Monday 1/10/2011


The news is still full of this story of the congresswoman that was shot, but now, the newest angles are that this shooter was a nutcase, basically. This is going to play out for a while. The surgical team/hospital where she is at says they are going to do updates every morning at 10:00 am (Mountain Standard Time) I will be listening for that this morning.

Onto other things. The winds of change are coming. I'm not talking about the world, the state, politics, I'm referring to myself. I have no idea WHAT, exactly, I can just feel it. I've noted this kind of thinking and feeling in the past and shortly thereafter, something occured or some sort of dramatic change in my life and the direction it is going occured.

No, I'm not a nutcase with a gun about to go whacko, thank you very much. We're not talking death and destruction, or I certainly hope not anyway. You get on one track in life and it goes on for a while and then, the tracks change and you are headed somewh…